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  • a summer chambray top

    I had the good fortune to have some extra chambray laying around that was given to me for a project so I decided to finally make a top from the pattern I made a few weeks ago. The sewing went smoothly and the top is super comfortable. I had been planning to photograph it on […]

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  • a garment for sleeping

    Since I’m turning 28 in June, I’ve been having the idea that I need to step up my wardrobe a bit, including the garments I sleep in. Something about being 28 is affecting me like the years before haven’t, it’s very odd. Suddenly I need to sleep in nicer looking garments I guess. Also this […]

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  • my own fayne

    necklace : lulu / tunic : hound / jeans : uniqlo / shoes : pink studio So I finally made myself a Fayne tunic, and I am so happy about it! I didn’t have anything from my line in my size and I felt that was just plain wrong. Haha. I had made the Helen […]

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  • colorblocked kat dress

    Phew! Here it is, my dress is finally finished. I started this baby way back in July 2009 as a rush job to wear to my friend Kat’s wedding, but decided I liked how it was turning out too much to finish it in such a hurry. So I packed it up, went to the […]

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  • a cloudy looking knit

    Today I finally had the opportunity to dye the knit top I made last weekend. This is the first knit that I’ve both patterned and sewn, and I think it turned out pretty alright. Though it’s pretty boring, I learned a few things making this that I can take into my next top. I’ve got […]

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  • leaf + acorn print

    Today when I got dressed I realized that I had never photographed this dress. As a rule, I try to photograph everything I make and this is why. When my mom was younger she sewed things for herself constantly, but *gasp* over the years has gotten rid of almost everything she had made, leaving only […]

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