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  • Jen’s 2015 Year End Sewing Review

    I love the end of the year, partially because I enjoy reflecting on what happened over the past 12 months, but also because I get really excited about making plans and goals for the upcoming year. I did a TON of sewing this year, we put out a record 5 patterns in one year around here, […]

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  • Kendra’s Silk Archer

    Pattern: Archer Button Up Shirt Fabric: Silk Chiffon & Crepe De Chine Mods: Changed the armhole shape I’m in the process of drawing up my fall ‘15 wardrobe plans and it has me looking at what I already have, what I really need, and what I really want. I have fabric yardage and swatches coming in the mail, […]

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  • An Alder for All Seasons

    Pattern: Alder Shirtdress Fabric: Feral Childe Thieves Linen/Tencel Mods: None, cut a straight size 4It’s that time of year where fall is rapidly approaching but summer just hasn’t given up quite yet. Over the past week I’ve worn both sweaters and shorts so with this change of seasons in mind I thought I’d present my […]

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  • Blue Lace Watson

    Garment Details Pattern | Watson Bra Lace | Lace Fabrics Etsy Bra Findings | Blackbird Fabrics Bra Strapping | Blackbird Fabrics A few weeks ago it was boiling hot outside and I was trying to figure out what to wear to stand outside in the sun all day at a music fest here in Chicago. I […]

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  • A New Denim Moss Etc.

    Outfit Details Skirt Pattern | Moss Skirt Top Pattern | Penny Raglan Bra Pattern | Watson Shoes | Bryr Clogs After our chat the other week on photographing and posting finished projects I’ve been super motivated (well relative to how motivated I was previously) to get some photos done. Saturday morning, before I started an […]

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  • Kendra’s Plaid Flannel Archer

    So, spring is taking a little longer than I’d like to get here or should I say get here and STAY here. Although we have had some wonderful sunny, 60-70 degree days here in Chicago, we have also had some cold, grey, and rainy ones. To combat this bizarre in-between weather, I decided to make […]

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