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  • Stonecutter Progress

    I don’t know if many of you guys knit, but I’ve been working on this sweater, Stonecutter, for something like a year, which in sewing terms is a SUPER long time. I took basically the entire summer off because the yarn was not pleasant to knit with in the hot, humid Chicago summer, but after […]

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  • Laying out the Catnap Quilt

    Lately I’ve been very busy working on things that are, as of yet, unbloggable, but I’m trying this new thing where I take at least one day off during the weekend to work on something totally unrelated to business. Over the past two weekends I’ve started working on my Catnap Quilt! I ordered a full […]

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  • Quilt Planning and Fabric

    So I think I finally planned out my new quilt. I’m going with Denyse Schmidt’s Hills ‘n’ Hollers pattern with the hills made from Lizzy House’s Constellations. I have all the constellation fabrics and just need to pick out my background fabric, after that I’ll become a needle turned applique ROBOT!!!

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  • Progress Report | A New Winter Coat

    We’ve experienced a bit of a cold snap here in Chicago so I decided to pull out the coat that I started *cough* last January *cough* and try to finish that beast up. I pulled it out of the bag and literally stared at it for about 30 minutes trying to figure out what the […]

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  • Progress Report | Cloud Print Dress

    The cloud print dress from my Summer Wardrobe is about half done, unfortunately I had to order more fabric so it will be about a week or so till I get to work on it again. I probably could have fit everything but the way the fabric printed the skirt would have been mostly cloudless. […]

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  • Progress Report | Maritime Shorts Pattern

    I thought it might be fun to share a few images of what I’m working on from time to time under a new section called Progress Report. Right now I’m just finishing up the pattern for the next downloadable pattern installment which I am calling the Maritime Shorts. This pattern is a Hound pattern, the […]

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