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  • Lark Variation Three: Colorblock Top

    Today I’ve got our third Lark Tee variation for you, and this one is a classic colorblock tee. You can see our previous variations here and here if you happened to miss those. This variation has a lot of potential for print and fabric mixing which I always love. It’s a really easy variation that adds […]

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  • Madewell Scout Variation: Pattern Tutorial

    As promised, here is the first tutorial in making the Scout Tee Madewell variation. I broke this down into two sections because it was getting pretty long as one post. For this variation tutorial you will need the following things... Scout Tee Pattern Rulers (straight and curved) Pencil Paper You can click the below images [...] Continue Reading
  • Pattern Tutorial | Long Sleeved Scout Variation

    Okay, are you all ready for the tutorial portion of this variation? Here we go! Crazy patterned tights are optional, you will need the Scout Tee pattern however. Figure 01 | Begin by tracing off your sleeve pattern. Draw a line from the center of the shoulder down the length you’d like your sleeve to […]

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  • Pattern Tutorial | Full Length Kat Variation

    Turning the Kat Dress into a floor length dress without colorblocking like this version is really pretty easy. As far as the bodice you’re going to use the four lining pieces not only for the bodice lining, but for the bodice itself. For each of these pieces double the amount listed on the pattern piece […]

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  • Alternate Archer Pocket

    Sorry this took so long guys, it’s been a wild and crazy week. I turned 31 on Saturday and ooh boy it was an odd feeling. Anyway, I’m back and ready to show you how to make the pocket I used on my Sleeveless Archer. In order to make this pocket the way I did […]

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  • Pattern Tutorial | Maritime Shorts Variation

    I’m almost ready to post the sewing tutorial for the Maritime Shorts but I figured I should post this pattern tutorial before I do the sewing tutorial since I’ll be showing you how to sew the both the original version and this modified variation with a curved side hem (shown here).  Here goes…the curved hem […]

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