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  • Morris Sew-Along: Sleeve Facings

    We’re now onto the last step of our Morris Blazers, attaching the sleeve facings. To begin, sew the edges of each facing together, press the seams open, and grade the seam allowance. Next sew the narrower edge of the facing to the edge of the sleeve with the underarm seams aligned. Grade the seam allowance […]

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  • Morris Sew-Along: Attaching the Facing

    We’re now going to attach the facing we made yesterday to the blazer. Start by aligning the center back seams of the blazer and facing with the right sides of the fabric facing each other. From there match the lapel points and pin between them and the center back seam. Next we’re going to align […]

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  • Morris Sew-Along: Making the Facing

    Today we’re going to assemble the main facing that finishes the collar and hem. Begin by taking your two front facing pieces and stitching them together along the center back seam. Press the seam allowance open and grade it in half. This is an alternative to the finishing method in the booklet, instead of turning the […]

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  • Morris Sew-Along: Setting Your Sleeves

    To begin the process of inserting your sleeves we first need to assemble the sleeves. Start by sewing the underarm seam of each sleeve, finish the seam as desired (I serged mine) and press them towards the back of the garment. Next you’re going to place two lines of basting stitches to help gather any […]

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  • Morris Sew-Along: Assembling the Body

    Today we’re going to work through Morris Blazer steps 1-8 in the pattern booklet. Begin by fusing all of your interfacing to the corresponding pieces. You don’t need to do this immediately but I prefer to get it out of the way at the beginning of the project so you don’t have to stand around […]

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  • Morris Sew-Along: Cutting

    Cutting the Morris is pretty self explanatory but I wanted to touch on a quick point or two. Above are the pieces you’ll need to cut from your self fabric – this is the main fabric you’re using for your blazer. To the left in the above image are the pieces that you’ll need to cut in […]

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