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  • Rhinebeck | Grainline Studio Life Lately v.05

    It's been a while since my last Life Lately post and so much has happened! I think I'm going to start scheduling these quarterly so that I don't have a huge dump every time I post one. So here's what I've been up to behind the scenes since October! This year I went to Camp [...] Continue Reading
  • Life Lately v04 | Nani Iro Quilt | Grainline Studio Life Lately v.04

    Remember the good old days of blogging where I used to overshare all the time? Well they’re back! Sort of. It’s been a long and strange road navigating Grainline from where it started in 2009 as a small personal blog, to the full grown business with employees it is today. During that time I gradually […]

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  • Life Lately v.02

    shoes and fabric for a hemlock tee via steph more new shoes and some anemone blooming ran into some really lovely ladies at the logan square farmers market testing out a new figgy scent so many red plaids dudes, so many buying green thread dressed in green beagle sitting this crazy lady getting ready for […]

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  • Life Lately v.01

    [all photos from my Instagram feed @grainlinestudio] I’ve been slacking on the blog front this week, taking a little breather after the release of the Lakeside Pajamas I suppose. It’s just a breather from blogging though, not working… since releasing the pattern I’ve been crazy busy! In addition to snuggling with Roamy and the little […]

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