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  • Lark Variation Three: Colorblock Top

    Today I’ve got our third Lark Tee variation for you, and this one is a classic colorblock tee. You can see our previous variations here and here if you happened to miss those. This variation has a lot of potential for print and fabric mixing which I always love. It’s a really easy variation that adds […]

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  • Lark Variation Strap Neckline Detail Variation

    Today I’m bringing you a quick and simple Lark variation, how to add a strap neckline detail, as pictured above. It adds an extra bit of interest plus it’s a fun and super easy way to change up the pattern! The first thing you will want to do is construct a Lark exactly as instructed to […]

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  • Lark Sew-Along: Cardigan Sewing Tutorial

    Today we’re sewing up the Lark Cardigan. Start by cutting out your pattern. You’ll need 2 sleeves, 1 back, and 2 fronts. The assembly instructions are the same as the actual Lark pattern but we’ll run through them here as well. Begin by sewing the shoulder seams. Press the seams towards the back of the […]

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  • Lark Sew-Along: Cardigan Pattern Alterations

    Today we’ve got the first installment in how to turn your Lark Tee into a draped cardigan. It’s pretty easy but rather than give it all to you at once, I’m breaking the tutorial up into two parts. Up today are the pattern alterations. In order to make this cardigan you’re going to want to start […]

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  • Lark Sew-Along: Hemming

    Today we’ll be hemming our Larks. As with the sleeves, this is the same for every style of shirt included in this pattern. This is the most basic method to hem a knit shirt, but it’s the one I use ever time. I’ll be showing the body hem below but the sleeve hems are identical. […]

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  • Lark Sew-Along: Boatneck

    Now for our final neckline, the boatneck. This one is by far the easiest with only 3 steps. Lets go! This first step is optional, but if you have a serger I recommend serging around the neckline. This helps to create a fold line around the neck edge and also looks nice on the finished […]

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