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  • workin’ on the wardrobe, etc.

    I have to admit, my wardrobe is pretty stale at this point in time, due mainly to two factors: I am in the poorhouse, and I have no time to sew myself poorhouse clothes. This is because I spend all of my time doing these two things: making people fancy wedding dresses or making people […]

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  • kitty cat mystery

    Yesterday I brought this little girl home from Paws Chicago! I had been looking at cats online for a few weeks and saw this little cutie was a new cat on the Paws website Thursday…I was bowled over by Roamy’s cuteness and had to take a look! My sister and I went over to Paws […]

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  • dores handmade

    Yesterday I recieved a necklace that I orderd from dores and it is so great, I can’t wait till I have somewhere to wear it besides the studio. I also think it could be a necklace to wear with other necklaces which is always extra fun. It was a very hard decision between the dark […]

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  • washi tape

    Craft supplies can be so beautiful it makes me want to start hoarding. I’ve seen this Japanese tape around, but never knew where to get it in Chicago, then I found Happy Tape. Now I just need to decide on colors. [photo via happy tape]

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  • new year

    happy new year. 2009 went out with an unfortunate bang. My cat of 17.5 years had a stroke and had to be put to sleep and my car was stolen and totaled, all of this happening in the second half of December. Today was spent drinking tea and re-organizing our apartment and studios. I don’t […]

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  • my neighborhood

    It’s been so gloomy around here lately, the streetlights have been staying on all day and the snow keeps floating down little by little. Yesterday I went over to Wicker Park to meet my friend so we could stop by the yarn store and other post-christmas errands, and I took a few photos of my […]

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