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  • scanning is fun / planning is fun

      I’ve been rifling through my swatch collection, ichin’ to make myself a new spring/summer top. I’m thinking sleeveless, racerback, colorblocked, bust dart and slightly flared out hem. Basically something for hot, muggy Chicago summer nights. I like a combination of these three crepe de chine colors, which are slightly off color, but you get […]

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  • thursday thursday

    Today I buckled down and cleaned up my studio, and that place sure was a mess. Between more hours at work and this strange stomach virus that keeps holding on, things had gotten a little out of hand. My paper sorter inbox thing was starting to eject papers in protest. This is maybe my favorite […]

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  • weekending

    This weekend my friend Kaelyn was in town from NYC. We started out Sunday with breakfast at Milk & Honey, then headed down the street to Alliance Bakery to drink tea in the sun. We had some serious brainstorming about our lines (she’s in the planning stages!) and then met up with a crew for […]

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  • inspiration

    Well here we are on March 1st, one month closer to spring and time for my blog it forward inspiration post. I was having a really hard time narrowing this down. Of course I am inspired by my friends, my family, everyone around me, so I decided to do 2 things that are inspiring me […]

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  • wip wednesday (actually on a wednesday!!!)

    I started this dress last summer the day after I finished my Tie Neck Dress, the plan was to wear it to one of the events at my friend’s wedding, but halfway in, I decided I liked the way the dress was going too much to speed through it crazy style. After the wedding, though, […]

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  • team buttercream

    The ravelympics start tonight! I have decided to attempt to finish this beast by the end of the games, and good riddance to it! I started it 3 1/2 years ago when I moved in with Luke and it’s had a few stalls. The first came when we moved a bunch of Heinecken pieces into […]

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