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  • a few things

      This is a bit late but I did a little guest blogging over on Bliss in a Teacup on Tuesday about summer in Chicago. Also, I decided that it was time for a little freshening up around here. I got tired of the plain arial or trebuchet or whatever it was font, just seemed […]

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  • fourth of july

    Hope everyone had a very happy fourth of july! Mine was full of sewing and cutting for my sister’s wedding dress. Things will be sort of uneventful around here until after the 17th when the dress is finally complete and she’s married!

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  • goings on in the studio

    Over the weekend I draped up this little pattern with the intent of making 2 tops and a dress from it’s basic shape. I usually don’t drape, flat patterning is how I roll, so I decided to switch it up here.   The muslin I bought this last time is really really stiff, so I […]

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  • self made inventory

    I decided that I had better take some inventory of my self made clothes before September rolls around so I’m not just sewing willy-nilly and end up with no bottoms or something like that, and it’s a good thing I did because I have no bottoms! Though I do mostly wear dresses, that would surely […]

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  • what we’re eating

    homemade granola + greek yogurt + honey homemade bread + homemade honey butter chardog at the wieners circle fries at the wieners circle

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  • trouser time

    I just found this blog post over on Burda Style all about non-traditional (or edgy as they like to say) trousers. I’ve designed and made plenty of pants for models but I’ve never made pants for myself. Now that I know there are cute trouser patterns readily available, I may give it a go! On […]

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