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  • goings on in the studio

    Over the weekend I draped up this little pattern with the intent of making 2 tops and a dress from it’s basic shape. I usually don’t drape, flat patterning is how I roll, so I decided to switch it up here.   The muslin I bought this last time is really really stiff, so I […]

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  • self made inventory

    I decided that I had better take some inventory of my self made clothes before September rolls around so I’m not just sewing willy-nilly and end up with no bottoms or something like that, and it’s a good thing I did because I have no bottoms! Though I do mostly wear dresses, that would surely […]

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  • what we’re eating

    homemade granola + greek yogurt + honey homemade bread + homemade honey butter chardog at the wieners circle fries at the wieners circle

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  • trouser time

    I just found this blog post over on Burda Style all about non-traditional (or edgy as they like to say) trousers. I’ve designed and made plenty of pants for models but I’ve never made pants for myself. Now that I know there are cute trouser patterns readily available, I may give it a go! On […]

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  • summer dreamin’

    Summer is in full swing now and I’m dreaming of beach days and road trips. Here are a few things on my summer dreamin’ list. [a] cursive design scallop necklace : perfect for pairing with summer dresses or fancyin’ up shorts and a t-shirt. I love the sunny yellow beads against the neutral scallop. [b] […]

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  • scanning is fun / planning is fun

      I’ve been rifling through my swatch collection, ichin’ to make myself a new spring/summer top. I’m thinking sleeveless, racerback, colorblocked, bust dart and slightly flared out hem. Basically something for hot, muggy Chicago summer nights. I like a combination of these three crepe de chine colors, which are slightly off color, but you get […]

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