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  • Holiday Sew-Along Announcement | Grainline Studio Handmade Holiday Sew-Alongs!

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but the holiday season is upon us! With that in mind we've got a Holiday Sew-Along Series planned for you with two of our best gift patterns, the Stowe Bag and the Portside Dopp Kit. Both of these bags make great gifts for the handmade appreciators in your lives, [...] Continue Reading
  • Tamarack Quilting Ideas | Grainline Studio Tamarack Quilting Ideas

    Today we're going to talk about quilting patterns on our Tamarack Jackets! This is, I think, one of the most fun parts of making a Tamarack because there are so many options to choose from, the possibilities are literally endless! Before we get too carried away though I want to share a few tips you'll [...] Continue Reading
  • Carolyn Friedlander Weekend at Fancy Tiger Crafts | Grainline Studio Carolyn Friedlander Weekend at Fancy Tiger Crafts

    I know most of you are just here for the garment sewing tips, but I really think my knitting and quilting combine with garment sewing to make me better at all three. I also think that learning something new, even if it's not directly related to garment sewing, is a great way to keep your [...] Continue Reading
  • Summer of Basics Progress | Grainline Studio Summer of Basics Progress

    Are you guys taking part in the Fringe Association Summer of Basics challenge? If you're wondering what it is, here's it explained by Karen herself: Wherein we each made 3 high-closet-value garments in the space of 3 months, either knitted, sewn, or any combination of the two. It was a season of so much camaraderie, [...] Continue Reading
  • Uniform Sew-Along: Bodice Views A & B | Grainline Studio Uniform Sew-Along: Bodice Views A & B

    Today it's time to start assembling our Uniform Tunics! I'll be showing the construction on View A but both views follow the same set of steps regardless of the neckline you choose. So let's dive in! To begin, take your bodice front and fold the two dart legs together with the right sides of the [...] Continue Reading
  • Me Made May | Grainline Studio Me Made May 2018

    May is upon us and it's time again for Me Made May! If you've followed along with me and Grainline for the past few years you'll know that I'm terrible at challenges that involve copious amounts of selfies. With that in mind I've come up with what I hope is a challenge that actually works [...] Continue Reading