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  • Yates Sew-Along: Assembling and Attaching the Collar | Grainline Studio Yates Sew-Along: Assembling and Attaching the Collar

    Attaching the collar is relatively easy so lets dive right in! Start by aligning the center back seam of the two under collar pieces. You’ll want the wrong side of your fabric facing out. Sew the two under collar pieces together using your 1/2″ seam allowance. Press the seam allowance open. Align the under collar […]

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  • Yates Cutting & Fusing | Grainline Studio Yates Sew-Along: Cutting and Fusing

    The thought of cutting a coat can seem overwhelming, but taken one step at a time and done in an orderly fashion, you'll breeze through this step. Since there are so many pieces involved, I've laid out a few diagrams below to aid you in making sure you've cut everything you need in one go. [...] Continue Reading
  • Yates Fabric Inspiration | Grainline Studio Yates Fabric Inspiration

    Today I'm going to take you through selecting fabrics for the Yates coat. We'll touch on places to find high quality coating, some budget coating options, as well as things to think about if you're considering a fabric with a print, plaid, or nap. Okay, let's dive in! First things first, I always recommend getting [...] Continue Reading
  • Yates Coat | Grainline Studio Introducing the Yates Coat!

    Today I have our first pattern release of 2018 for you: the Yates Coat! One of my favorite type of garments to make is outerwear — I love being able to really tuck into a large project like a coat. The feeling when you're done is so rewarding because not only is it an extremely [...] Continue Reading
  • Outfit 3: Berlin Jacket | Grainline Studio A Fall / Winter Wardrobe Progress Update

    It's been about 2 months since I first posted about my fall / winter wardrobe plans and in that time I've done a bit of sewing! I don't have any full finished outfits yet, but I thought I'd share where I'm at so far. There are a few outfits from my original plan that I [...] Continue Reading
  • I made the Shibui Getty sweater as the first garment in my #summerofbasics wardrobe. My Work/Life Balance and Launching my Business

    I’ve been fortunate to appear on some excellent podcasts this fall and just realized over the weekend that I never shared them with you all! Back in October I talked to Elise of Elise Gets Crafty and the Get to Work Book about launching my small craft based business. It’s pretty funny to think back […]

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