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  • Tamarack Society Update: Part 05 | Grainline Studio Tamarack Society Update: Part 05

    Hi all! We were doing a pretty good job of steadily working on and providing progress updates about our Tamarack Jackets, but then things got busy around here. Before we knew it half a year had gone by! That doesn't mean we weren't paying attention on social media - we've loved seeing all of your [...] Continue Reading
  • Grainline Studio Sew Visible Project | Grainline Studio Grainline Studio Sew Visible Project

    A global study performed by Dove showed that 70% of women don’t feel represented by images they see in advertising. Feedback from our sizing survey supports this finding, and many participants expressed a desire to see new patterns shown on a variety of bodies. Inclusive representation is important, and a recognized limitation of working with [...] Continue Reading
  • Fabric Scrap Busting Series: Zippered Pouches | Grainline Studio Fabric Scrap Busting Series: Zippered Fruit Pouches

    Welcome back to our Fabric Scrap Busting Series! We were blown away by all of the great comments, suggestions, and ideas community members provided in response to our first post in the series. You can check them out on our Instagram page. In today's tutorial we're showing you how to turn your scraps into fruit [...] Continue Reading
  • Introducing The Standalone Release of the Uniform Tunic | Grainline Studio Introducing the standalone release of the Uniform Tunic!

    We are so excited to release this standalone Uniform Tunic pattern. The Uniform Tunic was originally released as a traceable pattern in the collaboration book Uniform-Knit & Sew with Madder. We received numerous requests to release the Uniform as a standalone pattern from people who wanted printed and PDF versions of the pattern that didn't [...] Continue Reading
  • Layered PDF Printing | Grainline Studio Printing Layered PDF Patterns

    Our Uniform Tunic PDF pattern is our first layered PDF pattern file, and we plan on continuing to layer our pattern files with our future releases. Layered PDF pattern files include all of the sizes in the same file, but they are stacked on top of one another on separate layers. This allows you to [...] Continue Reading
  • Fabric Scrap Busting Series: Hair Bows and Scrunchies | Grainline Studio Fabric Scrap Busting Series: Scrunchies and Hair Bows

    Way back in 2012, we wrote about the perpetual horror of fabric scraps and our desire to reuse and recycle mindfully. The comments section on that post contain wonderful contributions in the form of ideas, suggestions, and resources for this common struggle and are worth checking out. Currently, we wait until we have a large [...] Continue Reading