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  • Summer 2019 Style Inspiration | Lexi Summer 2019 Style Inspiration | Lexi

    Hi everyone, it's Lexi. Summer is upon us here in Chicago, with much warmer temps and LOTS of humidity. It has me feeling like I'm in the tropics rather than Illinois! In order to truly feel like perpetual summer vacation on a tropical island, my wardrobe needs some help! Usually I wear most of my [...] Continue Reading
  • Hadley Modification 01: Wrap Top | Grainline Studio Hadley Modification 01: Wrap Top

    Today we're going to teach you how you can modify the pattern pieces of the Hadley Top View B in order to turn it into a wrap top! This modification retains the drapey, fluid style of the original pattern while also providing a slightly closer fit. This is a fairly straightforward modification. You will modify [...] Continue Reading
  • Four Ways of Styling A Denim Moss Skirt | Grainline Studio Four Ways To Style a Denim Moss Skirt

    Earlier this week, we shared a few pictures of our recently refashioned Moss Skirt and talked a little bit about the process of refashioning. We didn't put a lot of pictures in that post, because we knew today was going to be picture heavy. Over time, we've learned that the patterns we wear the most [...] Continue Reading
  • Hadley Sew-Along: Finishing | Grainline Studio Hadley Sew-Along: Finishing

    Today's the last day of the Hadley sew-along and it's a tiny day, just finishing up and making sure everything is in place and ready to wear! To begin, you'll need to attach a hook & eye to the top back of view A to keep the top closed when you wear it. You can [...] Continue Reading
  • Hadley Sew-Along: Hem Facing Hadley Sew-Along: Hem Facing

    Lets begin by assembling our hem facing. With right sides facing, align and sew the center back seam. Next align the side seams of the front and back facing and sew those together. Press the seam allowances open. Align the lower edge of the facing with the lower hem edge of your shirt. Right sides [...] Continue Reading
  • Hadley Sew-Along: View B Neckline | Grainline Studio Hadley Sew-Along: View B Neckline

    Now lets finish up the neckline of view B! With right sides together, align the shoulder edges of the front and back facing. Stitch along the seam line. Press the seam allowances open. If you're finishing the edge of your facing as we did above, you'll find it easiest to start on one side of [...] Continue Reading