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  • Some of Our Favorite Coats

    We did this¬†with the Linden a little while back and thought now would be a good time to refresh everybody on some older coat posts we have done. This is a new thing we are trying to post about because at this point Grainline has been around of a while and there’s a ton of […]

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  • Alternative Cascade Yardages

    I've gotten an uptick in emails lately asking about specific yardage combinations for the Cascade Duffle Coat based on two of my samples, so I thought I'd share those on the blog today in case anyone else is wondering this same thing. The first yardage is for the image above, the Cascade with a contrast [...] Continue Reading
  • Cascade Sew-Along: Lining your Coat

    Today is the final post in the Cascade Sew-Along, save for some variations I have planned that will pop up in the next few weeks, and we're going to be sewing the lining into the coat. We will be doing this using the "bagged" method which requires little to no hand stitching. This method seems [...] Continue Reading
  • Cascade Sew-Along: Assembling the Lining and Facings

    Today we'll be assembling our lining and facings to get ready to bag our coat. To begin, grab the two back lining pieces and pin the center back seam with right sides facing. Stitch along the seam allowance line. Press the seam allowance open. Since the center back contains a curve for the pleat I [...] Continue Reading
  • Cascade Sew-Along: Hood

    Today we'll be assembling and attaching the hood. Start by grabbing your self hood pieces and set the hood lining and facings aside for a moment. With right sides facing pin the center hood to one section of the side hood. Match edges and notches, then pin around the curved section. Sew the two pieces [...] Continue Reading
  • Cascade Sew-Along: Collar

    Next up in the Cascade Sew-Along is applying either your collar or hood. Today I'll be showing you how to attach your hood. In the booklet and samples, View A is shown with the collar and View B with the hood but the two are completely interchangeable. Begin by pinning the center back seam of [...] Continue Reading