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  • Archer Sew Along | Day 3 | Selecting and Applying Interfacing

    Today we’re going to talk about interfacing your Archer shirt, mostly about selecting your interfacing since the actual fusing / insertion is pretty straightforward. I talked a little about choosing a fusible in this post¬†here, but basically you want to select one with a weight similar to that of your self fabric. I know a […]

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  • Archer Sew Along | Day 2 | Cutting the Fabric

    Alright day 2 of the sew along and we’re going to cut our fabric, but really quickly before we start, I had some questions about the sew along schedule. I’ve never hosted or partaken in one of these suckers before so pardon me for not addressing that. My plan is to post Monday + Tuesday, […]

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  • Archer Sew Along | Day 1 | Assembling the Pattern

    Are you guys all ready for this Archer Sew Along Adventure? Today we’ll be assembling our patterns, selecting our sizes, and adjusting for length, width, and cutting between sizes if, like me, you fall into a few different size groups. For starters, gather your supplies for assembling the pattern. If you don’t have the pattern […]

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  • A Few Finished Archers & Sew Along Update

    [clockwise from top right // True Bias // One Little Minute // Handmade by Heather B // Four Square Walls] I’ve been seeing a few early Archers showing up around the internet and I wanted to do a mini-share on them to get you pumped up for the Archer Sew Along! These ladies are all […]

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  • Archer Sew Along Announcement

    Okay so it’s official guys, the Archer Sew Along will commence on Monday March 18! During this sew along I’ll be walking you through each step in detail with photos and possibly a video on that pesky collar insertion, so if you’ve been feeling nervous about sewing a button up shirt, have no fear, I’ve […]

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  • Archer Button Up Shirt | 11004

    It’s FINALLY here, the Archer Button Up Shirt pattern! I’m so excited, I’ve been dreaming of the perfect boyfriend style button up shirt for a while now. They’re popping up everywhere from the French brand Equipment to Madewell to J.Crew and everywhere in between but I’m not gonna lie, this version is my favorite. Not […]

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