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  • Archer + Alder Variation

    Today I have for you the long awaited Archer + Alder variation! I was hoping to get some photos of it on but the weather here in Chicago has not been cooperating at all so here we have it on a form in the studio. Modeled photos to come but for now, click below to […]

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  • Alternate Archer Pocket

    Sorry this took so long guys, it’s been a wild and crazy week. I turned 31 on Saturday and ooh boy it was an odd feeling. Anyway, I’m back and ready to show you how to make the pocket I used on my Sleeveless Archer. In order to make this pocket the way I did […]

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  • Archer Variation No. 1

    I’m so excited to share the first Archer Button Up Shirt variation – sleeveless! I’ve been planning these variations for so long it feels great to get them done and wear them. We went over to the Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, BC to take some photos next to the giant rhododendron bushes growing there. […]

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  • Archer Sew Along | Day 14 | Buttons & Buttonholes

    Alright, final day here guys, WHOO HOO!!! Lets put some buttons in! Buttons get a bad wrap in the sewing world a lot of the time, maybe it’s the two step button & buttonhole process, but it’s really easy. Start by marking the position of the buttonholes on the right button band of the shirt. […]

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  • Archer Sew Along | Day 13 | Cuffs and Hem

    Alright, cuff time. First you’re going to want to fold and stitch your pleats in place. The direction of the pleats is marked on the pattern but if you don’t have it handy, you’re going to want to press the pleats to the back of the sleeve. Stitch the interfaced edge of the cuff to […]

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  • Archer Sew Along | Day 12 | Assembling & Attaching the Collar

    Okay time for the exciting part, are you guys ready to put in your collars? We’re going to both assemble the collars and attach it today, it seemed easier and less confusing than splitting it into two posts. This is a pretty long post, 20 images and 2 videos, so I hope I’ve covered everything […]

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