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  • Alder Sew Along Day 13: Buttons and Buttonholes

    Today is the last step in the Alder Sew Along, aside from variations. Start by laying the right button band out flat. You'll be inserting the buttonholes into this side. The measurements I'm using here are the same as on the pattern but feel free to use your own placement. Begin by marking the top of [...] Continue Reading
  • Alder Sew Along Day 12: Hem

    Today's a quick post...the hem. Before you begin, line up the front button bands of your dress to make sure they both ended up the same length and adjust accordingly. Fold the hem up 1/4" and press. Fold up 1/4" again and press. Pin in place if you like. Head over to your machine and [...] Continue Reading
  • Alder Sew Along Day 11: Armhole Binding

    Today in the Alder Sew Along we're binding armholes. To follow along click below! Begin by sewing the two ends of each bias armhole strip together at 1/4," then press the seam open. Pin a bias strip around the armhole of the dress. Stitch around the armhole at 1/4" Grade the seam allowance by trimming [...] Continue Reading
  • Alder Sew Along Day 10: Attaching the Collar

    Today we'll be assembling and attaching the collar. This post is extremely photo heavy, about 32 photos, so if you're here for the sew along, click below. If not browse on! Begin by interfacing the upper collar and one of the collar stand pieces. If you're using fusible interfacing follow the instructions included with your fusible, [...] Continue Reading
  • Alder Sew Along Day 09: Side Seams and Skirts

    Today we're going to be sewing together the side seams & skirts of both View A & View B. We'll start with view A because that's the easier one. Begin by placing the front and back with right sides together matching up the edges and notch of the side seam. Stitch along this seam. From there [...] Continue Reading
  • Alder Sew Along Day 8: Yoke Method 2

    This second method of attaching a yoke is also known as the burrito method because everything gets rolled up inside the yokes like a burrito. To start, sew the outer yoke to the dress back at a 1/4" seam allowance with right sides facing. Flip the dress over and attach the inside yoke with the [...] Continue Reading