Uniform Tunic Modification 01: Uniform Shirt

Today, we’re sharing two of our favorite, incredibly simple, modifications that transform the Uniform from tunic to shirt! These quick adjustments increase the number of options this incredibly versatile pattern offers. The Uniform Shirt is the perfect alternative for you if you don’t think of yourself as a tunic person.

Please note that you will need the Uniform Tunic pattern to complete this modification. Looking for resources or additional help sewing up the pattern? You can access our sew-along page here: Uniform Tunic Sew Along .

Uniform Shirt Modification - Option 1

The modification for Option 1 is barely a modification – just leave off the skirt!  You won’t be able to include the inseam pockets if you choose this modification, but you could always draft patch pockets and add them to the front of your shirt if desired.

We’re using the round neckline pattern piece illustration, but the modification is the same for round or v-neckline options. Assemble your bodice front through Step 2 of the instructions.

To finish the Bodice hem, fold 1/4 inch (0.635 cm) along the bottom edge of the Bodice to the wrong side and press. Fold and press at 1/4 inch (0.635 cm) again and edgestitch the free folded edge.

Pick up the instructions at Step 15 or Step 21 depending on the sleeve option you’ve chosen and follow through to finish your Uniform Shirt!

Uniform Shirt Modification - Option 2

The straightforward pattern modification for Option 2 allows you to make a Uniform Shirt without sacrificing any design features. By applying a length change between the lengthen / shorten lines on your bodice piece, you are able to make your Uniform Shirt as short as you prefer. Additional length can also be taken away from the hem of the skirt front and back pieces and pocket pieces if needed.


Start by cutting between the lengthen / shorten lines marked on the Bodice front piece. Overlap the two sections by the amount you want to shorten your piece, and make sure to keep the grain line of the two pieces aligned. Remember to factor in seam allowance when you remove length. Shortening this piece will cause the dropped waist seam line to hit higher on the torso. We recommend making a muslin to determine your optimal length.

Trace your overlapped piece, including all notches, onto a separate piece of paper, and blend any gagged edges along the side seam. Repeat the adjustment to your back piece as well.

Proceed to cut out your remaining pieces and follow the instructions to complete your Uniform Shirt!

Are you envisioning any other modifications to the Uniform Tunic? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.