tips + tricks | perfect points

Here I present my tutorial on getting super corners and points. When I first learned this trick in school I thought there was no way that made sense or would work, but low and behold it does. Like a charm. A sharp pointy charm. Anyway I used three weights of fabric for this tutorial so you can see it in action on different fabrics and only used this technique on one corner of each square so we can compare the results. Got to love a control. Step 1 | Sew along the seam line of your pieces like normal, but when you come to the corner, instead of sewing right up to it, stop just short. For lightweight fabrics, you are going to cut the corner by 1 stitch, for medium weight 2 stitches and for heavy weight 3 stitches. Keep sewing around the rest of your piece like normal. Step 2 | I clipped the threads on the sides where I didn't use the technique so I could tell which was which once they were right side out. Trim your corners as usual and turn your garment inside out. I like to use a bone folder to turn my points, it's sharp enough to get a good point but it's definitely not going to slice through your fabric like a pen/pencil/knitting needle/chopstick/whatever else I've had go through my fabric before. Step 3 | Press your corner and admire your point! The points on the side with "The Technique" are much more square and neat while on the opposite side they jut out all unfortunate like. If you feel like you need bigger photos I can upload them to my flickr account, unfortunately we have no camera lenses in this house that will zoom up closer than what I've done here and I know those stitches are pretty small. I'm still going to be doing the jacket lining tutorial but the problem with that is I need time to make a jacket to line first! Hopefully next week this will happen.