Tamarack Society Update: Part 05

Hi all! We were doing a pretty good job of steadily working on and providing progress updates about our Tamarack Jackets, but then things got busy around here. Before we knew it half a year had gone by! That doesn't mean we weren't paying attention on social media - we've loved seeing all of your finished Tamarack's pop-up in the Tamarack Society Hashtag on Instagram! With more of us in the studio, Jen and Lexi have been able to squeeze in a bit of time on their jackets, and Lexi was able to fully finish hers. Scroll down to see more pictures!
Lexi chose to quilt around the pattern on the fabric and put a lot of thought into cutting out her jacket pieces. She is an expert at pattern matching and this coat truly highlights her skill. She chose to make a longer version by lengthening the jacket approximately 10 inches (25.4 cm).
She chose to add some visual intrigue along the side seams by adding an inset panel. To do this, she sewed the side seams to about hip length and left them open below that point. Then she bound the jacket front seams, sewed on the inset panels, and bound her side seams and the inset panel seams as one continuous seam.
Lexi is excited to wear this showstopper later this Fall. We'll be back with an update on Jen's finished Tamarack as soon as it's complete. Finger's crossed for a 2019 finish