Pattern Release | Portside Travel Set

Grainline Studio | Portside Travel Set It's here finally here, the Portside Travel Set! I'm pretty pumped up about this new pattern, I mean I always say that, but I really am. I'd been looking around for a classic, looking duffle bag with clean lines and my typical style but couldn't find anything close to what I was looking for. It would either be the shape I wanted but a color or print I didn't like or just the opposite so I did what any sane person would do, drafted my own pattern then released it. Hahaha! Grainline Studio | Portside Travel Set The duffle is the perfect size for a long weekend if you're a heavy packer or if like me, you're on the light side, a full week. I'm in Seattle now with mine for the week and it was plenty big to bring everything I needed plus presents for my new nephew. Grainline Studio | Portside Travel Set It was important to me to have a specific handle length on this duffle. They can be held in the hand or in the crook of the arm, but are also long enough to go over your shoulder tote style should you choose. When I'm wandering around O'Hare trying to fill my water bottle etc. this is usually what I do with my duffle if it isn't slung crossbody with the removable adjustable strap. Grainline Studio | Portside Travel Set There are pockets on both sides of the duffle for throwing your phone / granola bar / crossword puzzles / boarding ticket which I've gotten a lot of use out of. I hate when there's no easy place to put something when you need one. Grainline Studio | Portside Travel Set The dopp kit / makeup bag (whichever you prefer though I'm going dopp kit) is the perfect size for your toiletries and has a little front pocket for things you don't want getting mixed up in the bag as well. Makeup brushes, bobby pins, what have you. Grainline Studio | Portside Travel Set The pattern also includes a little pouch which I like to use to house all of my technology cords. I can fit my iPhone charger, camera battery charger, and computer cord in here and then nothing gets tangled up in my bag. It's also the perfect size for a little travel knitting project if you're making, say, a pair of socks. You guys know I'm always doing that. Grainline Studio | Portside Travel Set This bag is a serious hit at airports and is TSA approved. When my bag was searched recently (I was traveling with my pattern screw punch, who knows how it got in my bag) the agent called me over by saying "who does this beautiful duffle belong to?" Haha, I'm not even kidding - best way to start a bag search I've ever heard. Grainline Studio | Portside Travel Set I've taken this bag on two cross country flights already and I'm super excited to finally have a travel set I love! You can get the Portside Travel Set pattern in the shop as well as read all about the supplies you'll need to make your very own. Perfect for all that holiday traveling coming up! Oh and this release includes a copy shop version. No more taping (unless you want to)!