pattern tutorial | scout full back pattern

I mentioned in my post on my Red Wool Scout that I would be posting this tutorial on how to get the fuller back. Unfortunately it's about a week late, but better late than never right? I hope so at least! Anyway, follow these directions and you'll have a scout with a swing! As usual if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section or send me an email. Step 1 | Assemble your pattern supplies. For this you will need the Scout Woven Tee pattern, paper scissors, rulers and french curve, a pencil, an eraser and a sheet of paper large enough to trace your pattern on. Step 2 | Draw a line across the shoulders at a 90˙ angle to the center back (red line). This marks the point where the flare starts. Divide the lower part of the pattern into 3 equal sections drawing a line from the hem to the shoulder line (green lines). Step 3 | Slash across each line leaving the pieces barely connected at the ends. This is how you will spread to add the fullness (hence the patterning term, slash & spread). Step 4 | Draw a new CB line on your paper and align the CB edge of the top to it and weight it down. Spread the hem to achieve the desired new measurement. I spread each section 1" to add 6" to the bottom of my hem. Trace around the pattern. Step 5 | Re-blend the armhole using your french curve. You can also freehand this if you don't have a french curve. Just make the line smooth. Step 6 | Re-blend the hem. Again you can do this by hand or even with a straight ruler if you don't have a curved one. Just make sure the new hem line is smooth. Step 7 | You will also want to make sure that the CB line and hem meet at a right angle or you will not have a smooth back seam. They only need to be at this angle for about 1/2" or so and then you can begin the curve. Step 8 | Label your new back and cut it out. Step 9 | Assemble your sewing supplies and follow the directions as written in the Scout Woven Tee instructions!