Two Embroidered Lark Tees

Over the past couple of years we've noticed a resurgence of embroidery in fashion, home decor, and art! From floral motifs to political statements, custom embroidery is a great way to experiment with adding eye-catching or humorous design details to garments or other hand sewn items.
We wanted to share some custom embroidery inspiration with you today in the form of these two Lark Tees! The winking eye design was inspired by an image we've had bookmarked on Pinterest for awhile, and we were excited to bring it to life. We actually have a Design Details Pinterest Board that's chock full of design details of all kinds if you're looking for additional inspiration.
One thing we really love about embroidery projects is how portable they are. It can be challenging during the summer months to balance the brief window of beautiful weather with a desire to complete personal projects. This past week we were able to take our embroidery out of the studio and continue to work while sipping iced tea from our back porch! It was the best of both worlds.
We'll be publishing an embroidery tutorial later on this week that will teach you a few embroidery stitches and highlight the stitches we used for our Dandelion and Eye Lark Tees. Let us know below what you're planning to embroider!