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the mittens from you know where

the mittens from you know where | grainline studio

You guys, I am in the middle of the WORST knitting project in years...these mittens . I've had this yarn for a few years and finally decided sometime this summer that I needed a pair of mustard mittens for fall and this was the yarn for the job. I also thought, 'Oh why don't I just make up my own knitting pattern on this one, that shouldn't be too hard for a pair of mittens!' and for the first one, it wasn't. Well the first one after the really ugly one I originally made. Anyway that first mitten knit up super fast as any good mitten should so of course I figured that the second mitten would be the same.

I took notes on what I did for my mitten and followed them for the second. That mitten ended up too long. I ripped the mitten out and knit it again. Too long again. Third time knit up without watching Parks & Recreation on Netflix (I thought that was causing my counting problem), again too long. Mind you never the same amount of too long because I was trying to compensate for the length of the previous mitten in my rows. Fourth mitten...way too short. Fifth mitten almost right but a few stitches too short. What is the deal?!?!? These mittens hate me, they are teasing me with one cute mitten and then saying, oh Jen, you will never wear us. And then they have a good laugh about it.

I am going to give these mittens one last try, and if that doesn't work I am giving up. I think that's the right thing to do, right?