offering up : fabric

I've been doing some studio cleaning getting ready for the next hound collection release and I thought that it would be a good time to go through my personal fabric collection and narrow down the selection a bit. Since I'm not really sure what to do with the fabric, I've decided to offer it up here. I've done my best to accurately represent the colors of the fabric, color correcting each photo with the fabric next to me, so according to my screen settings they're pretty spot on. Some of the fabrics are of a heavy weight so I'm asking a few dollars to help with the shipping cost on those. At the moment I'm thinking USA only because of shipping costs, but if you're overseas perhaps we can work something out. If you're interested in any of these fabrics, leave a comment below - be sure to fill in the email section of the comments form - and I'll send you an email for your address! Edit : I've got takers on all the fabrics so I'll be emailing you soon. If I don't hear back I will offer it to the next person on the list for that fabric. I'll be heading to the post office Friday morning with these unless I'm still waiting on anyone. Thanks everyone, I'm so glad these are going to better homes than mine!! CHESTNUT TWILL amount : 2 yds, 44" wide fabric content : cotton with a bit of lycra description : chestnut twill fabric with some stretch, medium to heavy weight, good for bottoms, a cotton jacket, bags or accessores.  I also have a smaller piece of pintucked fabric that I can include as well. asking : $4 for shipping GREY TWILL amount : 2 yds, 52" wide fabric content : cotton with a bit of lycra description : cool light grey twill fabric with a bit of stretch, medium weight, good for bottoms, jackets, bags or accessories.  This fabric was pre-washed once. asking : $4 for shipping YELLOW AND BROWN POLKA DOT COTTON amount : just under 1 yd (33"), 45" wide fabric content : cotton + lycra description : light yellowish cream background with yellow and brown polka dots in various sizes. Thinner than quilters cotton, almost the texture of a shirting fabric. asking : nothing PINK AND WHITE JACQUARD amount : 2 yds, 56" wide fabric content : unsure, I believe it to be some sort of synthetic + cotton description : medium to heavyweight, white background with pink jacquard pattern, a very 3 dimensional fabric. Would be good for bottoms or a jacket (which was it's original intended purpose). asking : $4 for shipping SEPIA AND OCHER amount : 2 yds, 60" wide fabric content : synthetic description : a lightweight synthetic made to feel like a lightweight wool. Sepia background with dark brown and ocher threads running through in a pinstripe pattern, has a very soft hand. asking : nothing BLACK AND WHITE HOUNDSTOOTH amount : 1 3/8 yds (+ a little extra), 45" wide fabric content : synthetic with stretch description : a medium weight fabric with a black and white woven houndstooth pattern. I made some of this fabric into a nice pencil skirt and could be used for a variety of projects and accessories. This fabric does have quite a bit of stretch due to a bit of lycra and the nature of the woven pattern. asking : $3 for shipping FOREST AND MOSS GREEN MELANGE amount : 1 yd, 58" wide fabric content : synthetic description : made to feel like lightweight wool, but with a softer hand. Up close you can see the forest green, moss green and and medium grey threads combining to make this fabric. This fabric has no stretch. asking : nothing MUSTARD AND OCHER STRIPED SHIRTING amount : This fabric is cut in 2 pieces, the smaller piece is 1yd, the larger piece is 2.5 yds both are 46" wide fabric content: I believe they are cotton and lycra description : white background with mustard and ocher stripes running through. Lightweight shirting fabric with stretch, would be excellent for shirts, etc. asking : $3 for shipping
all fabric was stored in an airtight bin with cedar chips in a smoke free home, but I do own both a dog and a cat which I'm sure you are aware of if you are reading this blog. Thanks!