My Felix Dresses

My Felix Dresses | Grainline Studio

Pattern: Felix Dress Fabric: April Rhodes for Art Gallery Fabric Content: Rayon Size Made: 8 Necklace: Tiro Tiro Shoes: Bryr Clogs

It's been a hot minute since I posted a garment I've made here so I'm excited to get back to it! Kicking off my return to blogging this type of thing are my Felix Dresses that I made during the development process of the pattern — which explains why they're both a straight size 8 while my measurements are not. You can see more about my sizing in the Felix post on choosing a size if you're interested in how it fits me specifically. My Felix Dresses | Grainline Studio For this version of the Felix I used a fabric that's much busier than what I normally go for, and I love it! I think the toned down color scheme really drew me in here and it's perfect for fall so win/win. I think my favorite thing about the Felix dress has to be the pockets. As someone who never knows what to do with their hands in photos and in reality, these are a life saver for me. My Felix Dresses | Grainline Studio I'm pretty obsessed with the movement of the skirts and with how well this fabric goes with my Bryr clogs. Honestly that played a part in me selecting this fabric. We all choose fabric to go with shoes though right? It's not just me! Or is it....? My Felix Dresses | Grainline Studio I currently own about 2 necklaces that I wear, one of them being this number from Tiro Tiro. Somehow even though this is the world's busiest fabric this necklace really works for me. I think it's because it gives you a place to rest your eye amidst the print madness. I also really like the way this neckline with a longer necklace. My Felix Dresses | Grainline Studio The lines of the dress do get a bit swallowed up in a print this busy, but it somehow doesn't bother me. You can see the neckband more clearly above and compare that to the others to see how it sort of disappears when you take a step back. I think it's just a different look but if you're thinking of making one of these dresses, keep that in mind! My Felix Dresses | Grainline Studio

Pattern: Felix Dress Fabric: Stonemountain & Daughter Fabric Content: Rayon Size Made: 8 Bag: Clare V Shoes: Bryr Clogs

And now for something completely different than what I usually wear, a floral print Felix with flutter sleeves! Typically I steer way clear of floral prints, but something about this one just drew me in. Perhaps it's the large expanses of black? I'm not totally sure but somehow it's working for me. My Felix Dresses | Grainline Studio I'm really feeling the longer length of this dress as well, I think it goes nicely with the scale of the print and looks good with a heeled clog which obviously is very important to me. You all know what a clog fan I am! My Felix Dresses | Grainline Studio I'm also super jazzed about this background we found to go with this dress. I roped my friend Michelle into taking some photos of me one 96 degree day about 2 weeks ago and as I was dying of heat we walked past this old factory in the Ukrainian Village that we'd forgotten about. I have no idea if it's still operational but I wish I knew. My Felix Dresses | Grainline Studio Even though this print is pretty busy it shows off the style lines of the dress pretty well; definitely much better than the first print. I think it's really fun to see two completely different fabrics made up into the same garment side by side. I really love how the flowers congregate around the waistline and shoulders on this version as well. I can't take credit for that though, Lexi cut this one out! She's kind of a print placement genius in case you guys haven't noticed yet from our samples. I love love love my Felix dresses and have one planned for fall in a solid brick red double georgette. I'll be making that one in the same configuration as the first dress posted here and will be wearing it with tights. Could not be more excited to get that going as soon as things get a little less busy around here. So probably never, ha!
My Felix Dresses | Grainline Studio