My BurdaStyle Book Dress

Like a lot of you out there, I got my BurdaStyle book and garment in the mail the other day, I'm surprised I even remembered what that sucker looked like it's been so long since I've seen it! No photos of me wearing it because I made it in the hourglass pattern size they sent me since I had absolutely no time to make any extra adjustments (or make a muslin). This project happened to have a series of sort of unfortunate circumstances attached to it. Firstly the project was due a few days after my sister's wedding and not only was I basically the wedding planner, but I also made her dress and had to do all the other things a sister does for her sister's wedding. Way too much on my plate!! Secondly the fabrics honestly were not at all what I was expecting, which I think was pretty par for the course with this book from what I've read. Imagine my dismay when quilters cotton showed up in a box. Anyway... The book turned out pretty awesome. There's my dress variation in some pretty stellar company. I haven't read through the entire book yet, been too busy sewing and making my greedy self coats, but I'm hoping to go through it more throughly before I slip into a turkey coma on Thursday. That little purple and green technical illustration in the second photo is the sketch I originally sent for my design. Who knew it would end up in the book, I would have spent a little more time on it! Also, thanks for all your kind words about my coat the other day! I'm working on a cape and winter coat this weekend that I'm hoping to turn into patterns if time allows. I sort of want to line the coat with Thinsulate but I also don't want to drive all the way to Evanston to pick it up. Decisions decisions.