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I've been slacking on the blog front this week, taking a little breather after the release of the Lakeside Pajamas I suppose. It's just a breather from blogging though, not working... since releasing the pattern I've been crazy busy! In addition to snuggling with Roamy and the little beagle below, eV (short for electron volt, my brother-in-law is a physicist), responding to letters from young neighbors, eating simultaneously way too much and not enough gelato, and deadheading my mom's roses I've been sewing and patterning up a storm! Grainline Studio | Life Lately Since last weeks pattern release I've sewn 1 pair of Maritime Shorts, 1 Moss Skirt, 1 Morris Blazer vest, 1 Ikat frankendress, corrected the Morris Blazer pattern for grading & digitizing, completed the pattern for and muslin tested one garment with 3 variations that will remain anonymous for the moment, made a pattern for an upcoming Britex collaboration post, and started plotting a really fun collaboration with a sewing party that everyone loves and I'm SUPER excited about. What a week! I'm going to try to do a book review / new garment combo post by the end of the week but if I don't get that together, I hope you understand. I still have 2 photoshoots, 2 dresses and a shirt to sew, as well as some bookkeeping to do before the weekend. YIKES!! Send me all your productive vibes please, I will love you forever and EVER!