kitty cat mystery

29 : 365
Yesterday I brought this little girl home from Paws Chicago! I had been looking at cats online for a few weeks and saw this little cutie was a new cat on the Paws website Thursday...I was bowled over by Roamy's cuteness and had to take a look! My sister and I went over to Paws and check her out, and if she was the coolest cat ever, we were going to bring her home for sure. So we went over to Target to re-stock on some cat things and get a few new toys in case we brought Roamy home with us then treked over to Paws. Upon arrival we filled out the paperwork and surveys necessary to meet the kitties and asked to see Roamy, but nobody knew what we were talking about! AHHH!!!! We decided to meet the kitties they had anyway and fell for this little lady they called Anna. Kari and I decided that Anna was pretty boss and took her home, but when we got home, Kari looked Roamy up online and discovered that Anna was actually Roamy! The girl at Paws mentioned that they had just given her this name the day before when they pulled her from their other facility, so the names had just gotten mixed up! OMG I took Roamy home thinking she was a different cat, now that's meant to be. **I'm pretty sure that was the most confusing story ever told, but I'm still excited, so please let that slide!