Kendra's Fall '15 Wardrobe Inspiration

Kendra's Fall '15 Wardrobe Inspiration | Grainline Studio

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So far, this summer has been one for the books. It started with an unforgettable trip to California, much love to my otter, seal, whale, and people buddies on the central coast plus I just got married on the 22nd! As much as I’ve loved all of the excitement and adventure of the last few months, it’s been a little slow-going in terms of makes. So, as the weather and my schedule start to cool down a bit, I feel like I can really focus more on my handmade wardrobe. For fall, I’m trying to be better about picking fabrics and yarns in colors and textures that fit into my current wardrobe. For some reason, when I see fabrics in yardage, I have this bad habit of geeking out, buying yards of fabric for a project that I love but won’t end up actually wearing. Lately, I have been trying to ask myself when fabric shopping, “Can you pair this with at least three garments in your current wardrobe?” So far, that’s definitely helped me see my wardrobe a little more objectively. For example: doing that has made me realize that I don’t really wear a lot of prints. I love them and have a couple items in my current wardrobe that I wear every once and a while, but for the most part I’m a plaid, stripe, and solid fabric type of girl. The goal for my Fall 2015 wardrobe is to create workhorse pieces, pieces I'll wear over and over again, with a dabbling of fun, more statement like pieces.

Kendra's Fall '15 Wardrobe Inspiration | Grainline Studio

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Being in the studio so often, I’ve noticed myself wearing a lot of tees. I love a good t-shirt with subtle detail and I’m really picky about fit. As an example, I love the detail on the white tee pictured on my first board as well as the classic striped boat neck ¾ length tee, like the ones pictured on my second inspiration board. In terms of taste in garments, Jen & I are about as copacetic as it gets, with the exception of one fall staple: cardigans. Jen hates most cardigans, whereas I tend to love them. I have one in a super pretty beige that I totally wore to pieces. So this fall, I want to replace that baby with a new hand knit version in one of my all-time favorite colors: rusty red. Does it get any better than that for fall? I also love this cozy, giant beauty of a jacket/cardigan from Wool and the Gang. So, that definitely needs to find its way into my fall wardrobe. As far as a real coat for those chilly Chicago days, it’s got to be a Cascade and I’m totally inspired by the one pictured below. Also seeing myself in a Linden with snaps up the back and drafting something like this sweet little plaid cape, also pictured below.

Kendra's Fall '15 Wardrobe Inspiration | Grainline Studio

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I am also in major need of a new everyday bag. As I’m sure you’ve picked up on by now, when I love something, I wear it until it’s so ratty it would be inappropriate to wear out of the house. My current tote is at that point, so I’m dreaming of what the next one will be, there are also a couple other goodies thrown onto these inspiration boards that are a little less practical but so much fun to plan my outfits with even if they don’t make it into real life. Hey, a girl can dream, right?