Handmade Apartment Tour | Living Room

Grainline Studio | Handmade Apartment Tour | Living Room When I moved the only furniture I owned was two dressers, two small bookshelves, a desk and a kitchen table which left a lot of things to be purchased. Luckily through the kindness of friends I inherited a hand me down couch and chair that just needed a little bit of help. Lucky for me I had lots of fabric on hand with which to help them with. Grainline Studio | Handmade Apartment Tour | Living Room This couch was left for my by my friends who lived here before me. The only place to put a couch in this apartment if you want to have any sort of work space, which I did, is between these two doors. The measurement of this space is less than most modern love seats and small couches but this odd little couch fits the bill. It unfolds into a rather uncomfortable (according to my brother-in-law) bed which is pretty handy as well. Grainline Studio | Handmade Apartment Tour | Living Room I covered the couch with some Robert Kaufman denim which took about 4 hours. That includes measurements, cutting the fabric, sewing, seam ripping the part I sewed together backwards, eating lunch, and resewing it. A pretty quick project if you ask me! The pillows are from my old apartment, just pillow forms covered with zippered rectangles, nothing too fancy there. The coral pillows used to be covered in a navy, grey and yellow triangle pattern but it seemed too dark with the denim couch. My sister gave me the Banquet print for Christmas. I'd wanted it for a while but when your apartment doesn't have finished drywall (my old apartment didn't...ugh!) you don't bother spending much on things to hang up. Grainline Studio | Handmade Apartment Tour | Living Room I was gifted this old red IKEA chair by another friend who had it languishing away in his storage room. The original red fabric was pretty faded and sad but otherwise it was in good shape so over to my house it went. I took apart the cover for the seat cushion and used that as a pattern to create another cover. The chair looked like it was covered in red cotton but my iron discovered otherwise when the fabric started melting to it! Grainline Studio | Handmade Apartment Tour | Living Room I covered the chair in some of the many yards of chambray I have laying around, and it may be my most egregious use of chambray to date. The left arm of the chair has gotten a bit loose since Roamy discovered she really likes the feel of her claws in chambray. That cat is pretty spoiled. I covered the little pillow that came with the chair in the same denim I used for the couch and then made another little pillow out of this awesome print fabric. I'm pretty happy with how the couch and chair turned out if I may say so myself and Roamy and I have been spending quite a bit of time in here doing crosswords in the evening.