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Fall '15 Wardrobe Inspiration

Fall '15 Wardrobe Inspiration | Grainline Studio

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After taking spring off it's time once again for some wardrobe inspiration! I really missed pulling this segment together, but this past spring and summer held so many changes and new project beginnings business wise, that there just wasn't time. Now that we're caught up on a few things I'm excited to get back to some wardrobe planning in earnest, so let's get to it! (P.S. There's more where this came from on my F/W '15 Wardrobe Inspiration Pinterest board!)

I've been seeing these quilted denim and cotton jackets around a lot over the past few months, well when I say "a lot" I mean, I've seen 4 of them on Pinterest. Anyway, I'm obsessed and I have got to make one of these! I'm currently torn between a colored version like the two above, or denim, like the original two jackets I found. I do think it will be on the longer side though whichever route I go.

Fall '15 Wardrobe Inspiration | Grainline Studio

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I've got about 6 bazillion Archers planned this fall. I want to do a few standard versions straight from the pattern, but I'd also love to mix it up a bit. I love the longer shirttails on this one above. I'm also really interested in layering shells and would love to make a few of those in both silk and some really lightweight wool flannel I have.

Of course, I also have clogs on the brain and will probably be ordering a new pair soon. My other clogs have sadly bitten the dust. I have this horrible habit of balancing on the back of the heel while working and it causes the heels to expel wood shavings. I've killed many a pair this way. Oh, and that ring? Wishful thinking!

Fall '15 Wardrobe Inspiration | Grainline Studio

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Of course, who doesn't need another sweater. I live in button down shirts and oversized sweaters all fall and winter long so I'll be adding another one to the sweater shelf this winter. I got a head start this summer with the #fancykelbournestudioKAL Lucinda which was really nice, and one more is on the way as soon as I wind the skeins! I wear a lot of skirts & tights with said button ups and sweaters during the cooler months and I'd really like to try my hand at sewing a leather skirt. I haven't done too much leather work but it's an interesting challenge I'd like to try.

The backpack is something I just started thinking about this past weekend. On a whim this past weekend I bought a ticket to Berlin to stay with Jon while he's between his London & Milan shows next month. I like the idea of a backpack for this trip since we really want to rent bikes, something we wanted to do last summer but didn't have time. I most likely won't have time to make one, so this may be a purchase, but ever since doing the Portside I've wanted to do another bag. They're so much fun to design!

Fall '15 Wardrobe Inspiration | Grainline Studio

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I'll be stocking up on layering tees this fall for sure. I got so tired of years of not being able to find a slim cut tee that just grazed the body instead of clinging tightly that also had sleeves narrow enough that I didn't need to jam them down into my button down, sweater, or blazer that I took matters into my own hands. I have my perfect pattern and I've already started using it!

This last winter my one and only cardigan (that isn't a jacket-cardigan) wore through and became threadbare and I'm not totally sure what to do about it. Part of me wants to knit a fingering weight cardigan because I have a serious tendency to lean towards the tedious, but the other part of me knows that might be crazy. I still like the idea though...going to ponder this one for a while.

Stay tuned for Kendra's F/W '15 inspiration and we're also going to be doing small capsule wardrobes based on our inspirations which we're both super pumped for! What are you guys digging this fall style wise?

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