fabric friday?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate WAY too much food, I know I did! I was hoping I would finish some socks up to show here today but after eating too much food we all passed out on the couch downstairs and watched the Godfather Marathon. Was anyone else watching that? Anyway, instead of my socks I have a few photos of what are hopefully soon to become my next 3 projects. The first photo is my toggle coat, I'm just waiting for my leather scraps to arrive for the toggle anchors and I need to get the motivation to head up to Evanston to pick up some Thinsulate underlining. I picked up the toggle buttons while I was in NYC a few weekends ago. The second photo is the green wool for my cape which I'm hoping to wear to some holiday parties maybe over something metallic, we'll see. The navy lace is for another scout tee, I'm on my 3rd one now, yikes!