An Alder for All Seasons

An Alder for All Seasons | Grainline Studio

Pattern: Alder Shirtdress Fabric: Feral Childe Thieves Linen/Tencel Mods: None, cut a straight size 4It's that time of year where fall is rapidly approaching but summer just hasn't given up quite yet. Over the past week I've worn both sweaters and shorts so with this change of seasons in mind I thought I'd present my newest Alder in the form of a warm to cool weather transitional style post. An Alder for All Seasons | Grainline Studio First off let's talk about about the fabric. It's an amazing =field_product_category%3A4&f
=field_brand%3A22534" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Feral Childe linen/tencel blend I picked up when I was in Denver at =field_product_category%3A4&f
=field_brand%3A22534" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Fancy Tiger and has the most beautiful feel, drape and sheen. It's so nice that I'm debating the purchase of the blue color way for a top. That'd just be crazy though right guys? I mean, I wouldn't wear them at the same time but...(queue internal debate). An Alder for All Seasons | Grainline Studio Styling the Alder for summer is pretty easy. I usually just pop on a pair of clogs and roll! So easy you don't even need to think about it! An Alder for All Seasons | Grainline Studio I know a lot of people tend to pack away their sleeveless dresses come cooler weather but being a huge fan of layering, I just pop on a cardigan. I really like the gathered skirt Alder with a longer cardigan that flows nicely over the gathers but still lets the fullness of the skirt move. Proportionally I like the length of this one as well. Too bad it's many years old and has a hole in one elbow. Someday I'll either fix the elbow or replace the cardigan. An Alder for All Seasons | Grainline Studio In addition to a cardigan, I also like pairing the Alder with opaque tights and ankle boots. The tights keep you warm and along with the boots, help to visually bring the overall look fully into the autumn season. Transitioning seasons will be a bit easier with an Alder made up in a print that doesn't scream SUMMER! like this one, but with the right additions you can get extend pretty much any print over into the next season. Do you guys pack up your summer gear when the cooler weather hits or do you keep the same core garments and just layer it up like me?