• birds

    bird print helen

    For Christmas and birthdays I usually make my sister some sort of clothing item and this year it was a bird print helen top. I love the way it turned out so much I am hoping to make one for myself. I wish I had a photo of her wearing it because she styled it up so nicely, it looks adorable.

    bird print helen
    [necklace by lulu jewelry]
  • new year

    new year

    happy new year. 2009 went out with an unfortunate bang. My cat of 17.5 years had a stroke and had to be put to sleep and my car was stolen and totaled, all of this happening in the second half of December.

    Today was spent drinking tea and re-organizing our apartment and studios. I don’t really make new years resolutions, they make me feel bad when I break them, so instead I just decided on two things that I would like to happen in 2010.

    one : I would like to read more books, this severely waned in 2009 after starting hound
    two : though I am generally pretty productive, in 2010 I would like to try to increase my productivity more

    And now I am going to go work on parts one and two.

  • my neighborhood

    It’s been so gloomy around here lately, the streetlights have been staying on all day and the snow keeps floating down little by little. Yesterday I went over to Wicker Park to meet my friend so we could stop by the yarn store and other post-christmas errands, and I took a few photos of my neighborhood on the way to my train stop.

    around my neighborhood : nealey foods

    I love the Nealey Foods lettering down the side of their building. I have no idea what kind of food the are packing in there, I never end up close enough to the trucks.

    around my neighborhood : publican

    Here’s Publican, they have an excellent sign and renovated the most amazing building. Luke and I can be found here with friends more than we’d like to admit.

    around my neighborhood : coyne

    Coyne is another one of my favorites. We believe it to be some sort of trade or technical school, but it took us about 7 years to figure that out. I love the lettering and the building though. It’s fun walking around my neighborhood because it’s not a regular neighborhood, we live one block off of the Fulton Market area, which is where all the meat and food for the city comes into the city. Once, walking to work, I found a full pig leg on the sidewalk. True story.

  • post-holiday

    burdastyle featured projects

    I’ve been trying to get the apartment and my studio back into working order post-holidays and it has been an uphill battle. I’m about 85% done and I’ve completely run out of steam, now I’m trying some hot chocolate with a candy cane stuck in it to try to perk me up. I definitely do not want to be doing this tomorrow.

    On another note, my cocktail hat made it to the front page of burda style as a featured project, yea!

    On one more note, refrain from buying lavender scented dish soap, you will be confused whether you are doing the dishes or the laundry.

  • new top new necklace

    checked hannah

    I started making this top before my party but just never had time to finish it until today. It’s made of the same fabric as the top below and is a variation of my Hannah top.

    checked hannah

    I like it paired with my new LULU necklace for fun points.

    checked hannah

    I think I am now going to make some of my new delicious Winter Solstice tea, pop in a movie and work on a pair of grey gloves for Luke.

    only horse
  • birthday birthday

    plaid helen

    I made my Helen top in plaid for my friend Jessica for her birthday. I love this fabric, it’s so soft and has a pretty great drape for a cotton woven. It’s fun to be able to make friends clothes in their size with patterns you made and know they’re the only one with that particular item.

    plaid helen detail