• inspiration

    Well here we are on March 1st, one month closer to spring and time for my blog it forward inspiration post. I was having a really hard time narrowing this down. Of course I am inspired by my friends, my family, everyone around me, so I decided to do 2 things that are inspiring me right now and 2 things that continually inspire me year after year.

    Right now : Minerals of all sorts

    Right now : Google earth images, especially salt evaporation fields

    Always : Walking around Chicago

    Always : Being at my parent’s cabin in northern Wisconsin

    Next up is Indie Fixx!

  • wip wednesday (actually on a wednesday!!!)

    I started this dress last summer the day after I finished my Tie Neck Dress, the plan was to wear it to one of the events at my friend’s wedding, but halfway in, I decided I liked the way the dress was going too much to speed through it crazy style. After the wedding, though, I found myself too busy to devote any real time to it. Now that I’ve decided to make a serious effort to stop working on work between 5 and 7 p.m. I find myself with a little extra time for personal projects.

    My first step was re-patterning the top, I found it cut in a bit at the top of the bodice so now my task is to take out the zipper and detach the bodice. That shouldn’t take too long, then I need to recut/sew the bodice, make the inside bustier/lining and attach the colored bandings to the hem. Should be done in time for spring no problem!

    On another note, I have decided to discontinue my 365 project for two reasons. Number one is that it is stressing me out more than anything else in my life (crazy I know), and I need to cut it out for sanity’s sake. I started the project as a way to start using my camera more and re-connect with my photography degree, which it has done, but some days I just don’t have time to take photos. Those are the days that I end up uploading some horrible poorly light photograph which is frustrating. My main goal to photograph more has been achieved and I’ve started taking a roll a month of film, so I think I’m set. Reason number two is that I have a free Flickr account which has a limit of 200 photos and obviously I would need to upload 365, so the math just doesn’t work out. Haha, I never was good at math.

  • a cloudy looking knit

    Today I finally had the opportunity to dye the knit top I made last weekend. This is the first knit that I’ve both patterned and sewn, and I think it turned out pretty alright. Though it’s pretty boring, I learned a few things making this that I can take into my next top. I’ve got a few ideas for more exciting knits, so hopefully I get a chance in the next few weeks to head up to Vogue Fabrics and get more fabric.

  • leaf + acorn print

    mociun inspired ikea dress

    Today when I got dressed I realized that I had never photographed this dress. As a rule, I try to photograph everything I make and this is why. When my mom was younger she sewed things for herself constantly, but *gasp* over the years has gotten rid of almost everything she had made, leaving only about 3 pieces for me to see (one is a Pendleton wool 3 piece suit).

    50 : 365

    I made this over the summer when I had to go to a friend’s wedding. It’s obviously based on the Mociun tie-front dress, which I sadly could not afford for the event. My clothing budget is about $100 every 2-3 months, so $420 (or even $252 on sale) just is not in the cards for me. Anyway I think it turned out alright considering I decided to make it a day and a half before we left for North Carolina. It’s really easy to wear year round, though it looks especially great in the summer speeding along on a Robin Hood bike towards the lakefront with a picnic in the basket.

  • team buttercream

    The ravelympics start tonight! I have decided to attempt to finish this beast by the end of the games, and good riddance to it! I started it 3 1/2 years ago when I moved in with Luke and it’s had a few stalls. The first came when we moved a bunch of Heinecken pieces into our back room, and amid all the boxes Luke accidentally packed up my box of yarn as well; this set me back about 6 or 7 months. Upon finding the yarn, I was further set back by being in school full time and working full time, not a good recipe for free time knitting. Good thing that’s over!

    Now I have 2 weeks to finish this vest-o, which may or may not still fit. I’m knitting for Team Buttercream, started by the amazingly talented and super fast knitter Julie at Knitted Bliss, and full of super awesome ladies. So without further ado…

    G O
    T E A M
    B U T T E R C R E A M ! ! !
  • wip….thursday?

    socks in progress

    Okay, okay, I know it’s supposed to be WIP Wednesday (join up!), but I sort of lost track of time yesterday which led to me not posting and staying up till 3:30am, but I’m trying to make up for the loss today. Which brings me to my socks project. Last time they were featured here they had no toe and now the second sock has a cuff! We’re just going to keep plugging away, this sock and I, while we watch every horrible movie Netflix Watch Instantly has to show.

    In other news, I decided to add a new page to grainline. I’m pretty excited that blogger now has pages because that’s the one thing I loved about the idea of wordpress, which is wayyy too much css for me to handle. So in my sidebar, I now have a little “grainline navigation” with a link to my project list. Hahahahaha there’s so much junk on there, we’ll see if I ever get to it all.