• kitty cat mystery

    29 : 365

    Yesterday I brought this little girl home from Paws Chicago! I had been looking at cats online for a few weeks and saw this little cutie was a new cat on the Paws website Thursday…I was bowled over by Roamy’s cuteness and had to take a look! My sister and I went over to Paws and check her out, and if she was the coolest cat ever, we were going to bring her home for sure. So we went over to Target to re-stock on some cat things and get a few new toys in case we brought Roamy home with us then treked over to Paws. Upon arrival we filled out the paperwork and surveys necessary to meet the kitties and asked to see Roamy, but nobody knew what we were talking about! AHHH!!!! We decided to meet the kitties they had anyway and fell for this little lady they called Anna. Kari and I decided that Anna was pretty boss and took her home, but when we got home, Kari looked Roamy up online and discovered that Anna was actually Roamy! The girl at Paws mentioned that they had just given her this name the day before when they pulled her from their other facility, so the names had just gotten mixed up! OMG I took Roamy home thinking she was a different cat, now that’s meant to be.

    **I’m pretty sure that was the most confusing story ever told, but I’m still excited, so please let that slide!

  • dores handmade


    Yesterday I recieved a necklace that I orderd from dores and it is so great, I can’t wait till I have somewhere to wear it besides the studio. I also think it could be a necklace to wear with other necklaces which is always extra fun. It was a very hard decision between the dark wood and the light, but in the end I believe the right decision was made.
  • lend a hand

    I spent Saturday and Sunday working on this quartet of oven mitts and potholders for a very good cause, to help a friend’s mother.

    “Mary Ann Freitag, a resident of Orland Park IL, suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm in May 2009. Mary Ann is 48 years old, a wife, a mother of 4, an avid golfer, a nursing professor at St. Xavier University and a very determined woman. She has continued to beat the odds associated with this type of injury, but has incurred enormous medical bills and is under constant care from her doctors and family.” -from Lend a Hand for Mary Ann

    The Freitags are hosting a benefit on January 22nd and these mitts will go into raffle baskets, so I thought I should bring out my most kitchen friendly fabrics and go to town. Hopefully these mitts entice people to buy a raffle ticket or two. Or 10.

  • birds

    bird print helen

    For Christmas and birthdays I usually make my sister some sort of clothing item and this year it was a bird print helen top. I love the way it turned out so much I am hoping to make one for myself. I wish I had a photo of her wearing it because she styled it up so nicely, it looks adorable.

    bird print helen
    [necklace by lulu jewelry]
  • new year

    new year

    happy new year. 2009 went out with an unfortunate bang. My cat of 17.5 years had a stroke and had to be put to sleep and my car was stolen and totaled, all of this happening in the second half of December.

    Today was spent drinking tea and re-organizing our apartment and studios. I don’t really make new years resolutions, they make me feel bad when I break them, so instead I just decided on two things that I would like to happen in 2010.

    one : I would like to read more books, this severely waned in 2009 after starting hound
    two : though I am generally pretty productive, in 2010 I would like to try to increase my productivity more

    And now I am going to go work on parts one and two.