• post-holiday

    burdastyle featured projects

    I’ve been trying to get the apartment and my studio back into working order post-holidays and it has been an uphill battle. I’m about 85% done and I’ve completely run out of steam, now I’m trying some hot chocolate with a candy cane stuck in it to try to perk me up. I definitely do not want to be doing this tomorrow.

    On another note, my cocktail hat made it to the front page of burda style as a featured project, yea!

    On one more note, refrain from buying lavender scented dish soap, you will be confused whether you are doing the dishes or the laundry.

  • new top new necklace

    checked hannah

    I started making this top before my party but just never had time to finish it until today. It’s made of the same fabric as the top below and is a variation of my Hannah top.

    checked hannah

    I like it paired with my new LULU necklace for fun points.

    checked hannah

    I think I am now going to make some of my new delicious Winter Solstice tea, pop in a movie and work on a pair of grey gloves for Luke.

    only horse
  • birthday birthday

    plaid helen

    I made my Helen top in plaid for my friend Jessica for her birthday. I love this fabric, it’s so soft and has a pretty great drape for a cotton woven. It’s fun to be able to make friends clothes in their size with patterns you made and know they’re the only one with that particular item.

    plaid helen detail
  • hound

    We had a little party at our apartment Saturday to mark the launch of my clothing line, it was a pretty good time with pretty good decorations. The next morning I learned that my car had been stolen and was sort of destroyed, which was not nearly as much fun as my party had been the night before.