• my own fayne

    necklace : lulu / tunic : hound / jeans : uniqlo / shoes : pink studio

    So I finally made myself a Fayne tunic, and I am so happy about it! I didn’t have anything from my line in my size and I felt that was just plain wrong. Haha. I had made the Helen top and the Hannah Camp Shirt in different fabrics, but this is the first thing in the proper fabric. My necklace is lulu, which my friends Stephen and Jessica make when they’re not busy with their art. It feels good to go out wearing things you and your friends have made, I’m lucky to have a lot of very talented friends, actually almost all my friends are artists which is great for mid-week mid-day picnic adventures. Haha.I’ll be debuting my Fayne tonight at the University of Illinois Graphic Design show (Luke teaches at UIUC so we’ve got to represent) and then heading over to my friend Kat’s house for the first installment of her Saturday Cinema film series. Party times!

  • thursday thursday

    Today I buckled down and cleaned up my studio, and that place sure was a mess. Between more hours at work and this strange stomach virus that keeps holding on, things had gotten a little out of hand. My paper sorter inbox thing was starting to eject papers in protest.


    This is maybe my favorite part of the studio, I painted this bookcase green one summer down at UIUC in my awesome old apartment. I wish I could live in an apartment that awesome in Chicago, now I want to try to dig up some old photos…


    During my cleaning I found this *huge* stack of pattern printouts I printed during my last semester at Columbia trying to use up my huge glut of printer points. Most of these are BurdaStyle though there are some Show Studio patterns in there as well. When did I think I was going to sew all these?!?!

    Also, I am in love with this woodgrain stitching Becka is working on. You may notice it the photo above on my computer screen. Creep-o alert!

  • colorblocked kat dress

    Phew! Here it is, my dress is finally finished. I started this baby way back in July 2009 as a rush job to wear to my friend Kat’s wedding, but decided I liked how it was turning out too much to finish it in such a hurry. So I packed it up, went to the wedding and have just had it sitting around in my brain and studio since then.


    When I pulled it out of the storage bag a few weeks ago, I realized that I needed to re-make the bodice as well as pleat the skirt rather than gathering for a cleaner look, and I’m glad I did! It’s sort of a mish-mosh of fibers, the ivory fabric is cotton, the grey is silk and the coral is “assorted fibers” per the Vogue Fabrics tag.

    Inside the bodice is a bustier made from canvas (mmm not regular canvas though, some sort of stiff dressmaking fabric I only know as canvas) and block fused charmeuse which is boned. I don’t have a picture of the inside, but the charmeuse sure is nice on the skin! I love a bustier with canvas and boning because things stay put better and you’re not always hiking up the strapless dress. The only thing I forgot is to sew in the hanger ribbons, so that’s a bit of a bummer. Oh well, at least it’s done!

    On another, very random note, I stopped using conditioner in my hair a week or two ago. I think it’s going pretty well so far. Does anyone else not use conditioner?

  • weekending

    This weekend my friend Kaelyn was in town from NYC. We started out Sunday with breakfast at Milk & Honey, then headed down the street to Alliance Bakery to drink tea in the sun. We had some serious brainstorming about our lines (she’s in the planning stages!) and then met up with a crew for lunch and Penelope’s. It’s sad when your friends don’t live in the same city as you, but when you get to see them, maybe it’s all the more fun.

  • inspiration

    Well here we are on March 1st, one month closer to spring and time for my blog it forward inspiration post. I was having a really hard time narrowing this down. Of course I am inspired by my friends, my family, everyone around me, so I decided to do 2 things that are inspiring me right now and 2 things that continually inspire me year after year.

    Right now : Minerals of all sorts

    Right now : Google earth images, especially salt evaporation fields

    Always : Walking around Chicago

    Always : Being at my parent’s cabin in northern Wisconsin

    Next up is Indie Fixx!

  • wip wednesday (actually on a wednesday!!!)

    I started this dress last summer the day after I finished my Tie Neck Dress, the plan was to wear it to one of the events at my friend’s wedding, but halfway in, I decided I liked the way the dress was going too much to speed through it crazy style. After the wedding, though, I found myself too busy to devote any real time to it. Now that I’ve decided to make a serious effort to stop working on work between 5 and 7 p.m. I find myself with a little extra time for personal projects.

    My first step was re-patterning the top, I found it cut in a bit at the top of the bodice so now my task is to take out the zipper and detach the bodice. That shouldn’t take too long, then I need to recut/sew the bodice, make the inside bustier/lining and attach the colored bandings to the hem. Should be done in time for spring no problem!

    On another note, I have decided to discontinue my 365 project for two reasons. Number one is that it is stressing me out more than anything else in my life (crazy I know), and I need to cut it out for sanity’s sake. I started the project as a way to start using my camera more and re-connect with my photography degree, which it has done, but some days I just don’t have time to take photos. Those are the days that I end up uploading some horrible poorly light photograph which is frustrating. My main goal to photograph more has been achieved and I’ve started taking a roll a month of film, so I think I’m set. Reason number two is that I have a free Flickr account which has a limit of 200 photos and obviously I would need to upload 365, so the math just doesn’t work out. Haha, I never was good at math.