• mom times wednesday

    Yesterday I went out to my parent’s house to hang out with my mom. My dad is up at the cabin working on the pontoon boat motor (always boat motors are breaking, what is the deal with boats?!) so we decided to have some party times. We went on a ton of errands, our first was to the needlepoint store to get a frame for the Charlie Harper Needlepoint I won from Purl Soho so I can work on it at the cabin next weekend. It’s been super hot and humid in Chicago lately and I decided that after about 5 years of not wearing shorts that I needed to get some. I had something like this in mind, but perhaps a bit cheaper (I know they’re on sale but I’m on a crazy tight budget). We checked the sale sections at Urban Outfitters, nothing, for fun we decided to check the sale section at Anthropologie and found a really cute pair, on sale for $99.50, totally not happening. At Nordstrom rack we found a pair but they came in every size but 4, though I found the cute shoes above there. I’ve been in love with the Swedish Hasbeens for a while, but again, cannot afford $193 for shoes. A zillion other stores were checked and we eventually found a cheap pair of cropped pants at Old Navy for $15, took them home and performed a bit of magic (i.e. cutting) on them to turn then into shorts.

    I picked up The Valley of the Dolls at the suggestion of Anabela and plan to start on it tonight. I had started reading All the Pretty Horses, but can tell it’s going to be a fall read for me. My mom and I also checked in that world market store for some Nougat de Montelimar without luck but found some new Kinder Happy Hippos chocolates which were enjoyed with coffee and tea at home after this crazy excursion.

  • a summer chambray top


    I had the good fortune to have some extra chambray laying around that was given to me for a project so I decided to finally make a top from the pattern I made a few weeks ago. The sewing went smoothly and the top is super comfortable. I had been planning to photograph it on the roof all day, so when it came down to finishing the neckline and stormclouds were rolling in I began to fret and scurry. The top was finished in time (obviously) but not 10 minutes after coming back inside it began to pour.

    I also think this top goes nicely with my new hat. I’d been looking for one for a few weeks. My sister and I saw this one in the Marc by Marc Jacobs store one morning when we were on our way to brunch, 70% off but the store wasn’t open yet. Later that evening she surprised me with it for helping her out with her wedding and all. What a nice sister I’ve got myself.

  • weddings

    My sister got married yesterday, which is why it’s been a bit silent around here. Everything went off well, including my cat and I making the boutonnieres the morning of the wedding. She sure was a great help and kept trying to walk off with the flowers in her mouth.

    The bouquets were made by Larkspur in Bucktown and they came together beautifully. The guys originally were just going to wear pocket squares, but good ones were hard to find and we had to improvise. It was a grand time which ended in an epic dance party and continued at various places throughout Chicago afterwards, I finally arrived home at 530 am. I’ll post a few photos from my horrible digital camera of her dress either later today or tomorrow, but the good photos will have to wait until we get the official photos back. Now I am going to go take a nap.

    Also, does anyone know what the large pink and cream flowers in the bouquet are called? Love.

  • a few things


    This is a bit late but I did a little guest blogging over on Bliss in a Teacup on Tuesday about summer in Chicago. Also, I decided that it was time for a little freshening up around here. I got tired of the plain arial or trebuchet or whatever it was font, just seemed a little boring after a while and I thought this was a bit more fun. Lets hope I don’t get tired of it too soon!


  • slow progress



    Things have been going pretty smoothly, though slowly, on my sister’s wedding dress. Here are a few progress shots designed to not really show much of the dress (in case anyone reading shouldn’t be seeing). Wedding dresses have so many layers, people always joke about them being like cakes, but in reality I think they have more layers than cakes. Here’s a rundown of what makes up her bodice in order from outside in…woven fused charmeuse, canvas, tricot fused shantung + shantung which makes for 6 different layers of fabric. We’re super lucky that my boss was kind enough to order this shantung wholesale for me, not only was it affordable but it’s imported from France and is the lightest most flattering shade of ivory imaginable and is very strong and light at the same time. I also was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of some Itallian illusion organza scraps which we’re turning into the top of the bodice. We get it imported from Italy at work, it’s crazy wide, 118″ I believe because it’s what they use to make veils for Cathedral weddings, you know those veils that trail miles behind the brides and are just as wide. It’s so fine and wonderful it makes regular organza look like muslin.

    Okay enough about that, the last photo is sort of random, but I always use this chair (which is usually my sewing machine chair) to paint my toes and it always looks so funny I decided to take a photo. Floating nailpolish! Haha.

  • fourth of july

    Hope everyone had a very happy fourth of july! Mine was full of sewing and cutting for my sister’s wedding dress. Things will be sort of uneventful around here until after the 17th when the dress is finally complete and she’s married!