• How to Make a Zipper | Grainline Studio How to Make a Zipper

    One question we get a fair bit, especially in regards to the Portside Travel Set, is how to make your own zipper. I personally love making zippers because you can pick out exactly what you want in regards to the gauge, metal, type of slider, etc. and also because if I have the supplies on [...] Continue Reading
  • Portside Dopp Kit: Assembling the Side Panels | Grainline Studio Portside Dopp Kit: Assembling the Side Panels

    Now that we have everything cut, it's time to start sewing our Portside Dopp Kits! Today we'll be assembling the panels that make up the Dopp Kit. We'll start with the top panel, then move onto the sides, then end with the carrying strap. Let's get started! Begin by folding and pressing down the ½″ [...] Continue Reading
  • Portside Dopp Kit: Cutting | Grainline Studio Portside Dopp Kit: Cutting

    Today we're going to talk all about cutting your Portside Dopp Kit. It's pretty straighforward, you'll be cutting your main fabric (fabric A, shown as blue above), your contrast fabric (fabric B, shown as white above), your lining, and your fusible interfacing. Since there are so many pieces these cutting maps should help you visualize [...] Continue Reading
  • Tamarack Society Update: Part 04 | Grainline Studio Tamarack Society Update: Part 04

    Alright, it's time for my 4th Tamarack Society Update and I've finally got my pieces quilted! It didn't take that long once I got going, honestly committing to the pattern and chalking it out took the longest. I always forget how quickly quilting goes once you actually get started. Need to apply this to the [...] Continue Reading
  • Stowe Bag Fabric Inspiration | Grainline Studio Stowe Bag Fabric Inspiration

    As we mentioned on Monday, the Stowe bag not only makes a great gift, but it's also a great reusable package for a gift! We chose 4 fabrics that would look just as good everyday as they would under the tree to get your inspiration flowing. You can accent your bag with contrasting binding or [...] Continue Reading
  • Stowe Bag Supply List | Grainline Studio Stowe Bag Supply List

    Today we're talking about the supplies you'll need if you'll be following along with the Stowe Bag portion of our Holiday Sew-Along series! This project bag is super quick and comes in two sizes, though we'll be showing the smaller size in this sew-along. Both sizes are great for keeping supplies together, but they also [...] Continue Reading