• Fall '17 Sewing Plans | Grainline Studio Fall ’17 Wardrobe Plans (and a discount code!)

    I had a hard time getting my Fall '17 wardrobe plans together this year. It's hard when what you love doing becomes your job, and after all these years the balance between work sewing and fun sewing is still something I struggle with. It's been such a busy year here behind the scenes that I [...] Continue Reading
  • The Sad Tale of the High Pines Cowl | Grainline Studio The Awkward Tale of the High Pines Cowl

    High Pines Cowl Ravelry Project Link Pattern: High Pines Cowl by Jared Flood Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Arbor in Carob Coat: Handmade Guys, I knit a thing that I don't really like and that thing is my very first cowl. There are two feelings you can read in my face in these photos. The first is allergies and the second [...] Continue Reading
  • 2017 Clog Review | Grainline Studio A Clog Primer & Review

    A few weeks ago I posted the photo below on my personal Instagram story while getting my shoes ready for fall and unwittingly set off a flurry of clog inquiries. Flurry might not be the right word, honestly it was more of a blizzard. I posted the photo just after getting home from work and [...] Continue Reading
  • My Favorite Tools: Basics | Grainline Studio My Favorite Tools: Everyday Sewing Basics

    I thought it’d be fun to start a little series on some of my favorite sewing tools, starting with my basic everyday sewing must haves. These are the tools I find myself using almost daily while sewing around the studio and things I’d be lost without! Clockwise from top left we have the following… Dritz […]

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  • Capsule Club Meet and Make Cardigan I’m Teaching in Chicago at Bernina USA!

    I almost never teach in the Chicagoland area, actually I don't think I ever have, so I'm super excited to share that I'll be teaching at BERNINA USA just outside Chicago this December! I'll be teaming up with Jaime David who is the serger education specialist for BERNINA USA to teach you how to make [...] Continue Reading
  • Indiesew Fall/Winter Collection | Grainline Studio Indiesew Fall/Winter Collection

    If you’ve seen the new Indiesew Fall/Winter Collection you know that our Tamarack Jacket pattern was included in this year’s Full Collection! I’ve only had time to sew up one piece from the collection so far aside from our jacket since I’ve been out of town, the Matcha Top, but I definitely want to sneak […]

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