• Life Lately | Grainline Studio Life Lately v.06

    Something pretty random happened at the beginning of this year that lead to me getting reacquainted with one of my favorite past times as well as pushing me to finally acquire a skill I was sort of terrified of. One afternoon I got an Instagram message on my personal account from Putnam books asking if [...] Continue Reading
  • Spring Tamarack | Grainline Studio A Non-Quilted Tamarack for Spring

    From time to time I get inquiries about making a non-quilted Tamarack Jacket, aka one without quilting or batting, and yes, it is 100% possible! I thought spring would be a great time to showcase this pattern variation as it's not only seasonally appropriate, but it's a great way to show off a fun print! For [...] Continue Reading
  • Scout Sleeve Variation | Grainline Studio Introducing the Scout Sleeve Variation Pack

    Almost as soon as we published the Scout pattern we started receiving requests for a scout sleeve variation pattern pack, so today, 5 years after the original Scout release, I have just that for you!  1. Cuffed Sleeve   2. Petal Sleeve   3. Short Sleeve  4. Long Sleeve Our new Scout sleeve pattern pack includes a [...] Continue Reading
  • Our Tees are Back in Stock!

    Just in time for spring we've restocked our best selling tee patterns, the Scout and Lark! These two tees are real workhorses in any wardrobe and are perfect for a fun fabric. The Scout for your wovens and the Lark for your knits! Layer them up while the weather is still cool, there's a reason [...] Continue Reading
  • Yates Sew-Along: Snaps Yates Sew-Along: Snaps

    Today I'll be showing you how to make covered snaps for your Yates Coat. If you're not using covered snaps you can simply sew your snaps on using the placement markings on your patterns. If you'd like to cover your snaps, read on! To begin, cut circles out of the fabric you'll be using to [...] Continue Reading
  • Yates Sew-Along: Lining your Coat | Grainline Studio Yates Sew-Along: Lining your Coat

    Today in the Yates Sew-Along we'll finally be putting in the lining of our coats! The Yates uses a method called 'bagging' which reduces the amount of hand sewing and time needed to line your coat. It's also pretty magical if you've never done it before, and honestly, even if you have! If you find [...] Continue Reading