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Uniform Modification 03: Cuffed Short Sleeves

Hey all! I'm back with a quick little tutorial on how to give your Uniform Tunic a cute little cuffed sleeve like the one shown above. This will work on both the original pattern as well as if you've modified it into a dress. You can also apply these same principles to any sleeve pattern [...]

Summer 2019 Style Inspiration | Aimee

There was a collective, "We're so happy summer is finally here! ... Wait, how are we halfway through the year already?," moment in the studio this week. I personally look forward to the summer season every year, but once it arrives I often end up feeling intimidated by how quickly it's passing by. In an [...]

Five Basic Embroidery Stitches

Earlier this week we shared some embroidery inspiration in the form of these two embroidered Lark Tees. Today, we're circling back and breaking down five basic embroidery stitches with step by step instructions! Here are the five stitches you'll be learning today: Back Stitch: This stitch can be used for straight lines, curved lines, and [...]