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Fabric Scrap Busting Series: Scrunchies and Hair Bows

Way back in 2012, we wrote about the perpetual horror of fabric scraps and our desire to reuse and recycle mindfully. The comments section on that post contain wonderful contributions in the form of ideas, suggestions, and resources for this common struggle and are worth checking out. Currently, we wait until we have a large [...]

Hadley Modification 01: Wrap Top

Today we're going to teach you how you can modify the pattern pieces of the Hadley Top View B in order to turn it into a wrap top! This modification retains the drapey, fluid style of the original pattern while also providing a slightly closer fit. This is a fairly straightforward modification. You will modify [...]

Two Ways to Sew Piping into Your Garments

It's no mystery that attention to detail is necessary when it comes to making clothing; clothes that are well-made and long lasting require care during making. After we've sewn a pattern enough times and have the foundational details down pat we get pretty comfortable. Inevitably, this is the moment when most of our mistakes happen! [...]