A Refashioned Denim Moss Skirt

Four Ways of Styling A Denim Moss Skirt | Grainline Studio

When my grandfather gave me one of his well-worn denim jackets two years ago, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with it. I stuffed it into my fabric stash, and then I promptly forgot about it. Does this happen to you?

After seeing a number of unique patchwork denim skirts on Pinterest I was set on sewing one using our Moss Skirt Pattern. The only thing giving me pause was fabric. I didn’t think brand new denim would give me the look I was going for, and I wasn’t keen on distressing denim. That’s when a lightbulb went off and I remembered the jacket!

Refashioned Moss Skirt | Grainline Studio
Refashioned Moss Skirt | Grainline Studio

Once everything was unpicked (two-seam rippers were broken in the process) I was able to cut out my pattern pieces. To sew the skirt fronts, I sewed together three different pieces from the unpicked jacket in a big block, and then I used the pattern piece to cut it to size.

The skirt turned out better than I could’ve imagined. The jacket was constructed with flat felled seams which preserved the original indigo color of the denim. I was able to carefully put the pieces together in a way that showcased the difference and fading.

Refashioned Moss Skirt | Grainline Studio

What are your thoughts on upcycling or refashioning clothing? Refashioning can be a great way to reuse fabric, and it can also be a creative challenge. Here in the studio we have varied opinions. Jen, will take apart a garment to discover how it was made, but she isn’t interested in sewing it back together in a new form. When she has time, Lexi does enjoy taking apart ready to wear clothing. She’ll draft new patterns or sew something new from the original garment. Out of the three of us, I think I enjoy the puzzle of taking an older unworn garment, envisioning something new, and then bringing that vision to life. After painstakingly picking apart the seams of this vintage denim jacket and re-piecing fabric together to cut out the pattern, I’m ready for my next project to be something simpler.

On Friday, we’ll be sharing a few different ways to style a denim Moss Skirt with some of our other patterns. See you then!


10 replies on “A Refashioned Denim Moss Skirt

  • Beth

    Absolutely loving this!! Also very much enjoying the blog and tutorials.

    More re-fashioning ideas would be most welcome.

    If you are looking for additional blog post ideas – info on different fabric types and their environmental impact vs appropriate use for various articles of clothing would be great.

  • Ann

    If your Grandfather is still alive, what does he have to say about your beautiful little skirt? Or what do you imagine he’d say if he has since passed away? I have a pair of my Grandpa’s bib overalls & you may just have shown me what they could become…

    • Aimee

      I am very lucky to have my grandfather still in my life – he’ll be 88 this year! He hasn’t seen the skirt yet as we’ve had chillier weather here in Chicago, but he always seems incredibly impressed with the things I make and is happy I get use out his unworn older items. He does occasionally joke that I might sew him out of the clothes he’s wearing if he’s not careful 😉 . Good luck with your project!


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