Our Tees are Back in Stock!

Just in time for spring we’ve restocked our best selling tee patterns, the Scout and Lark! These two tees are real workhorses in any wardrobe and are perfect for a fun fabric. The Scout for your wovens and the Lark for your knits! Layer them up while the weather is still cool, there’s a reason we can’t keep these patterns in stock!

We also have a ton of great pattern variations for these tees available on our site if you want to mix things up a bit. My favorite is the Lark Colorblocked Tee below. It works great for using up scraps and a bateau tee is always in style!

Lark Variation Three: Colorblock Top

Today I’ve got our third Lark Tee variation for you, and this one is a classic colorblock tee. You can see our previous variations here and here if you happened to miss those.¬†This variation has a lot of potential for print and fabric mixing which I always love. It’s a really easy variation that adds […]

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