Hadley Sew-Along: Cutting

Although cutting can be tedious, cutting the Hadley pattern is pretty straightforward. Not too many pieces and just a bit of fusible. Follow the diagrams below to double check that you’ve cut everything you need for View A or View B.

We’ve gotten a few questions about the Hadley which I’ll answer below:

  1. Can I cut the front and back pieces on the fold? Yes, you can for all the fronts and the View B back. Be sure that you’re removing the center front and back seam allowance before you cut or your facings won’t fit. You’ll need to cut the View A back as two separate pieces due to the keyhole opening in the back. Without this you won’t be able to get the shirt over your head.
  2. Will the sleeves fit on either view / can I make either view sleeveless? Yep! You can make View B with sleeves and View A without them with no trouble. Just be aware that the yardage amounts will change. We have a great post here for estimating yardage that you might find helpful for this.
  3. Can I switch the backs of View A and View B? Yes and no. You can definitely use the View A back on the View B front, but the opposite won’t work out as well. If you decide you really need to have the straight back on the jewel neck front you’ll need to leave a keyhole opening in the center back or you won’t be able to get it on over your head. To do this, simply transfer over the upper CB notch from piece 2 to piece 4 and follow the instructions for the keyhole in the booklet.

Alright, we’ll see you back here Monday ready to sew!

Hadley Sew-Along: Cutting | Grainline StudioHadley Sew-Along: Cutting | Grainline Studio

10 replies on “Hadley Sew-Along: Cutting

  • Lynn

    I haven’t used fusible interfacing before. Should it be washed prior to cutting? I bought the Light-weight woven fashion fusible from Workroom Social – its polyester. Thanks.

    • Jen

      You shouldn’t need to. I talked to Jennifer who’s used it without pre-treating it with no problems as have I. I would definitely make sure you’ve prewashed your garment fabric though!

  • Annette

    Re: the cutting of the center fronts/backs on the fold (minus seam allowance). I noticed that the backs both have a super-straight cutting line, but the View B center front cutting line is a little bit bowed from the neckline to the midriff. I thought this might have something to do with bust ease, so I chose not to cut this version on the fold. Should I true up this line before sewing?

  • mm10nash

    I made the Hadley , I used the largest size, pretty happy with the end result except for there is one adjustment I’m not sure how to make. I made the round neck, sleeveless with pleats and keyhole. With bra on, there is a gap between the edge of the arm hole about the armpit area. You can see a peak of my bra. Ok embarrassing, but without a bra (the girls drop) and the armhole lays flat no gap. I saw in your instructions for altering, you cut the pattern and spread open the front pieces at the point of the darts down. Is that what I need to do? I’m older, don’t show my arms so a lightweight shorter cardigan over it and it’s a keeper! But I would like to make it again and learn how to alter.

    Thank you,

    • Jen

      Hi Michelle- I’m not exactly sure where you mean…would you be able to email us a photo so that we can help further? I don’t want to tell you to do an adjustment that might not be correct! In sewing most of the time it’s easiest if we can see the issue. If it’s possible to send a photo, our email is hello@grainlinestudio.com. Thanks!

  • lollypopsmom

    I made a sleeveless top using view B for the front, after raising the front up 1 1/2 inches, and view A for the back. I sewed the back seam to the top, eliminating the back closure. I love the top and get compliments each time I wear it.

    So I decided to try the pattern with long sleeves, as we are moving into fall. I used the same patterns as before, but the sleeves are way too tight. I compared it to the Archer pattern, which I’ve sewn 10+ times, and the arm scythe is much larger.

    Should I redraft the pattern so I can have long sleeves, or should I cut the pattern in a larger size? I used the size 8.

    Love your patterns!

    • Jen

      The Archer has a much more relaxed, slightly oversized fit. The Hadley has a higher, tighter armhole because of the style of the garment. The correction of the sleeve depends on where you’re finding it too tight, and by how much. If you want to email us at hello@grainlinestudio.com and include more info or possibly a photo, we can more easily help you nail down your fit. Without more info on that though I can’t really offer much specific advice.


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