Farrow Sew-Along: Hems & Finishing

Alright, last day of the Farrow Sew-Along! Today we’ll be talking about hems and finishing – lets dive in! Hemming is quite easy for the Farrow. Simply fold and press up 1/4″ then fold and press that up 1/4″ again. You can see above that I serged my hem before folding. You don’t need to do this, I just did because it was quicker than cutting all the frayed threads from handling this garment so much over the course of the sew along.

Once everything is folded and pressed, step over to your machine and stitch along the loose edge to secure the hem in place.

Give the hem a press after stitching and let’s move onto finishing the facings up.

To secure the back edge of the neckline facing, simply hand stitch the dress and facing together, securing each end with a knot. Repeat for the other side of the dress.

Next we’ll need to tack the facing down at the seam allowances to keep it from shifting in and out of the garment. Tack it just through the seam allowance at the center front and both shoulders. You can see above that I do a slightly larger tack, I find this gives the facing a slight amount of wiggle room as you move so that there isn’t a point at which the facing tugs hard at the dress.

Next we’ll be securing the hook and eye to the dress. I like to align mine at the top of the dress and just slightly inside the edge of the dress.

After the hook is attached, align the eye and sew it in place. Make sure that no matter what’s happening on the inside of the garment that the top of the dress aligns when the hook and eye is closed.

And that’s it for the Farrow Sew-Along! Hope you found the sew-along informational and maybe even learned something new! Make sure that you share your Farrows using the hashtags #farrowdress and #grainlinestudio or tag us @grainlinestudio so that we can see what you make!


Patterns used in this tutorial

Farrow Sew-Along: Hems & FinishingFarrow Sew-Along: Hems & Finishing

5 replies on “Farrow Sew-Along: Hems & Finishing

  • Suzette Hearn

    Any tips about matching up stripes when cutting out the pattern? Why oh why did I do that?? I made a muslin practice piece to test the size and I can tell that I’m going to love it!

    • Jen

      Mmmmm Lexi cut our stripe so I’ll ask her if she has anything to add to our cutting post for next Friday about that. The skirt and bodice won’t line up as drafted though no matter what you do because of the easing.

  • Katie

    Love this pattern and love you all 🙂

    I just finished sewing up my side and shoulder seams and decided to try it on to see how it looks. Sadly, I’m drowning in the fabric. I’m planning on taking it in a bit. Would you recommend just doing this from the sides, or would you advise opening up the center back seam and pulling some out of there, as well? Thanks! xo


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