Farrow Sew-Along: Neckline Facing

In today’s edition of the Farrow Sew-Along we’ll be assembling and attaching our neckline facing. To begin, sew the front and back neckline facings together at the shoulder seams as shown above.

Press the seam allowances open and finish the outer edge if desired. I’ve serged mine here but since the facing is interfaced, it shouldn’t fray.

Align the facing with the neckline with right sides facing. Match the shoulder seams of the facing and dress. At the center back you’ll want the half inch seam allowance of the facing to wrap around the edge of the center back as shown above.

Stitch along the neckline from one side of the center back to the other. Clip the corners at the center back, grade the facing seam allowance, and clip the seam allowances approximately every 1″.

Press both the facing and the seam allowance up away from the dress. Understitch around the edge of the facing through both the facing and seam allowance as we did for the armhole / sleeve facings.

Roll the facing and seam line towards the underside of the garment and press.

Your neckline facing is now attached! We’ll tackle tacking it in place during our final installment of the sew-along.


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