Farrow Sew-Along: View A Armhole Facings

Today we’ll be finishing the armholes of the Farrow View A. To begin, sew one front armhole facing piece to one back armhole facing piece to create two circular facings. Finish the seams if desired and press the seam allowance towards the back of the garment.

Since your facing is fused it shouldn’t fray, but I like to serge around my edge for a more finished look.

Align one facing with the armhole of the dress matching seam allowances and notches. Stitch around the seam line at the 1/2″ seam allowance.

Grade the seam allowance of the facing in half and clip around the armhole.

Press both the seam allowance and the facing out away from the dress.

Understitch along the seam line through both the facing and seam allowance. This will force the seam line to roll towards the inside of the garment and give you a more polished finish.

Press the facing towards the inside of the garment and repeat for the other side. That’s it! We’ll tack the facings down during the finishing part of the sew along, but if you like you can do that now instead.

Farrow Sew-Along: View A Armhole Facings | Grainline StudioFarrow Sew-Along: View A Armhole Facings | Grainline Studio

4 replies on “Farrow Sew-Along: View A Armhole Facings

  • Amanda Strauss

    Hi! Any tips on getting a flat facing? When I turned mine inside the garment (after sewing it on) the surged side has a wave to. It does not completely sit flat on the fabric. I’m not sure if I cut it too big? or what? The material is a lawn. Thanks in advance!

    • Jen

      It sounds like you might need to adjust the differential feed on your serger. Likely it stretched the edge slightly which is why it’s no longer sitting flat. You could try pressing it flat, or take the serging out and adjust the DF to slightly gather the edge so that it might lay a bit more flat.

  • sampilling

    Thank you SO much for writing this blog post. I am making a completely different dress (Vogue 9292). Just couldn’t get th facing to fit. Scrapped the pattern, traced the dress the create my own interfacing and then followed your steps. After almost giving up on the dress and admitting defeat, I’ve now got one sleeve in place. Phew!! One to go


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